7 Signs of a Dating Scammer

Fraud on dating sites has long turned into a separate criminal phenomenon, existing by its own rules and laws. Despite the abundance of information on how not to become a victim of Internet scams, people get trapped every day. Sometimes they are very cunning and we have nothing left but to spare the victim of the scammer. But most often people fall into the same primitive traps, which are now very easy to recognize. If you do not want to become one of those fools who part with money because of their carelessness and inattention, read our article and remember everything that’s written there!

7 Signs of a Dating Scammer

Who Becomes the Victim of Scammers More Often?

The most common victims of scammers on dating sites are women over 35 who dream of marrying a wealthy and handsome foreigner (preferably an American or a European) and go with him to his country. Scammers-men have long understood that women from this category are very easily deceived and readily believe even in the most fantastic stories.

The second category of potential victims is men (most often Europeans and Americans) seeking new acquaintances among young women (most often from Asia or Eastern Europe) for a short-term romance or serious relationship. Girls who have sufficient knowledge of English and charisma easily play on male vanity and force men to part with impressive sums of money without receiving absolutely nothing in return.

The Most Common Signs of Dating Scammer

At the very beginning of your communication, you will receive a detailed and thorough letter. The swindler will tell all the details about his life. You will know about his hobbies, favorite food, musical preferences and even about juicy details of family life. The swindler will tell about each paragraph in the most detail since his main goal is to convince you of sincerity and good intentions. A letter with a detailed biography should create in your imagination a living portrait of a nice person and cause empathy. If the fraudster succeeds, the timing and complexity of the plan for cheating will be significantly reduced. In case you receive such a letter, do not panic immediately and write to the site moderators about fraud, but you should be alert and be careful.

Immediately after you have read the letter and answered it, your new friend will invite you to transfer communication outside the dating site. Most likely, it will be e-mail or one of the popular instant messengers. Such a proposal should alert you. The fact is that moderators of almost every dating site easily recognize cheaters just on such offers. After all, outside of the moderated space, the fraudster can ask for your personal information or provide his own, which is impossible on the international dating site.

The interlocutor almost never addresses you by name. He uses petty-petting words and funny nicknames. Scammers allow such familiarity in the initial stage of communication, to confuse you and create the appearance of a trusting relationship. If it seems to you that this is stupid, think about the fact that hundreds of men and women every day come across this bait.

Your new friend has a thousand and one arguments in order to transfer your communication to social networks or to e-mail. He does not accept objections and even threatens to cease communication. Know that in 90% of cases you’re dealing with a scammer.

Further correspondence with a new acquaintance strikingly differs from the first letter. Your interlocutor ceases to be actively interested in your life and tell about his or her own. Your communication becomes primitive and filled with only romantic epithets and confessions of love. Most often, scammers-men behave this way.

Your new friend confesses to you in love literally from the second-third letter. He or she tells you very nice, but not vulgar compliments and “requires” a lot of your attention.

Each letter of your new friend is very similar to the previous one. He does not answer directly to questions, and sometimes even ignores them.

The fact is that many scammers use templates. They are easy to recognize by contacting a potential scammer with a different profile. Remember that the main task of any cheater is to convince you of his sincerity and for this, they use the most primitive, but reliable tools – your thirst for communication and vanity.