9 Steps to Start Your First Vlog

If you’re following the latest online trends, you must have noticed that Vlogging is becoming popular by the day. Many people are turning to Vlogging and the numbers are growing tremendously. The latest stats survey on YouTube users from Google shows that the number of YouTube channels has grown tremendously between 2016 and 2018 and millions of new subscribers are being registered each day.

As such, turning to Vlogging as a marketing strategy is one thing worth considering at the moment and the returns could be impressive if everything is done properly. Video blogging, however, does require some great skills but learning the process is very possible if you put time into it. Below are some 9 steps to help you start your first Vlog to achieve your goals:

9 Steps to Start Your First Vlog

9 Steps to Start Your First Vlog

1. Pick the best name and topic

When it comes to the choice of name and topic, Video Blogging isn’t any different from the usual blogging. You will need to pick a topic that you are familiar with and which you will be able to give your audience real value for their time. This means something for which you have sufficient material to upload regularly in order to teach others.

As such, the first step for you is to choose a central topic that you know you can keep up to date with without becoming bored or boring others. The topic of choice should also be picked after a thorough research to choose and understand your audience well. Additionally, choose a name that is not too complicated and one that’s easy for your audience to remember.

2. Carry out a research

It’s easy to fail miserably even when you have a great topic and name if time is not put into research.  You should be able to watch other vloggers especially those who’ve succeeded in the industry in order to understand a few things here and there. As you do your homework, seek to understand their setup, gestures, methods, and expressions.

Mostly, what amuses you in their vlogs does amuse others as well and could be worth taking note of. These help keep the vlogs lively with the capacity of creating a faithful following or subscriptions.

3. Choose the right setup

Your videos will need to be recorded within the right setup and this calls for you to create one that is appropriate for your theme and topic. If you are doing it indoors, make sure the background is distraction-free for professional quality.

Your videos should be clear and taken under bright lighting and noise-free environment. In case you’ll be recording outdoors, choose the right time to do so. Always make sure your videos have professional quality.

4. Gather your equipment

As you venture into video blogging, a video camera will be very important. You can choose to borrow from a friend or buy your own but the good news is that this doesn’t have to be expensive. You can get the best vlogging cameras under 100, and these will give you great HD quality or even choose to use a Smartphone that has great HD video quality. You might also need an external USD mic and tripod and all these need not be too expensive.

5. Take time to practice

Don’t just upload your first video and think you’ll crack it. Just take your time to practice and make sure everything is done properly. You should write your thoughts and ideas down and be familiar with them in such a way that you can outline them clearly without reading. Create a few videos and have your friends criticize them. Go through them over and over to see what needs to change or improve.

6. Be confident during the presentation

Unlike blogging, vlogging allows you to stand before people and engage. People will see confidence or lack of it right from your videos. Your presentation needs to be marked by confidence and you should engage the audience as a person who is authoritative with the topic you are handling. Sit or stand at the center of the camera, keep the key points on your fingertips, relax and enjoy the show. Use gestures where necessary and just kill the show.

7. Edit your videos

Once you have your raw video, the next thing is to edit. This will help you enhance the quality by cutting, trimming and tying the footage all together. You will need the best editing software that enables you to do this comfortably. There are multiple options including Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas Pro and Apple Final Cut X pro among others.

8. Get the final feedback

Once you have edited your first Vlog, it will be good to invite the feedback of a trusted vlogger or friend and hear their thoughts about the content and its presentation. A new set of eyes will always pick something that you might not be able to and this is always welcome.

9. Share your vlog

Once you’re confident that your videos are ready, the next step is to share them. Your vlog should be SEO-friendly if they are to be visible across the world. Share your vlogs on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and any other available platform and let people know your vlog does exist.

With these steps, it will be easy to start your vlogging journey without a struggle. Just be confident as you start and don’t give up as the journey is long.