Adblock VS Adblock Plus
Adblock VS Adblock Plus

AdBlock Vs AdBlock Plus: It is a common factor nowadays, that people surf various sites on a daily basis for different purposes. One thing that is common while surfing the net is ads. Some of these ads are pretty annoying and also frustrating. People on this occasion would like to block such ads. This is one of the main reasons that the Adblocker service is required in your browser. There are various different kinds of Ad blockers but two of the most famous ones that are widely used all around the world are AdBlock and AdBlock Plus.

Both these extensions are very popular amongst the users for all the services that they provide. The services provided by these two particular ad blockers are widely appreciated by most of the web giants including Microsoft, Google, and even Amazon. The main function of both these ad blockers is to block ads. However, there must be some differences between both these ad blockers. Users usually get confused between which one to choose. In this particular article, we are going to discuss which one of these two is the best and for what reasons? We will be analyzing all the advantages and disadvantages that are linked to both these ad blockers. In the end, we will have an idea of which one to choose and why.

AdBlock Vs AdBlock Plus

Adblock VS Adblock Plus
Adblock VS Adblock Plus

Why Ad Blocker? Is It Mandatory?

If a user doesn’t have any issue watching ads then there is absolutely no reason or purpose for installing this extension. Take for example; when a user is working on the internet and the work gets interrupted due to repeated advertisements then, all they need to do is have the ad blocker extension. People usually have this misconception that the Adblocker only is capable of blocking pop-up ads but there are other extensions as well that even block YouTube ads. One such example of using AdBlock is the ads that come in between watching YouTube videos. With the help of AdBlock, these videos are filtered, and the ads are removed. Some such ads might even be useful or informative which is why the user would not want to miss them. This feature is also added in the AdBlock. Some of the sites which deal in adult content can also be blocked with the help of the Adblocker. Some sites do also content malware functions which can be easily blocked by this Adblocker.

AdBlock Vs AdBlock Plus

The working principle which is involved in both these blockers is the same. Both these ad blockers are known to be downloaded by over 300 million internet users so that they can enjoy internet surfing without any interruptions. Google Chrome is the first place where AdBlock was made available but now the AdBlock is made compatible with other browsers as well. This particular software has various features and other settings with which ads can be blocked easily.

Advantages of AdBlock

  • One of the main advantages of using AdBlock is that it is free because it is an open-source program.
  • Secondly, AdBlock is easy to install and also easy to use.
  • This extension helps you to easily handle and decide the things to block and not to block.
  • The AdBlock also provides you with a number of blocking filers that will ensure flawless surfing of the internet.
  • Another advantage of using AdBlock is the fact that it provides a list of various ads which need to be blocked, thus making the job much easier.

AdBlock Plus

This particular extension is similar to that of AdBlock. However, this extension is developed firstly, only for Firefox. Nowadays, it is introduced to some of the other popular browsers including Google Chrome. The fact that AdBlock Plus is introduced much later to Google Chrome is one of the main reasons it cannot get as much popularity as AdBlock. By using the AdBlock Plus users are able to get quick navigation including advertisement blocking. Similar to AdBlock this particular extension also helps in blocking Facebook, YouTube and other malicious functions that contain ads. This extension is also free of cost and does offer easy ad blocking services to its users.

Advantages of AdBlock Plus

  • Similar to AdBlock, AdBlock Plus is also free and is an open source program.
  • It uses advanced tools so as to block ads.
  • The user-interface is friendly and also helps in navigation.
  • It also includes blocking technology which is automatic in nature.
  • By using AdBlock Plus, the user can block ads pertaining to Facebook and also other entertainment sites including YouTube.

Main Differences between AdBlock and AdBlock Plus

  • The user using the AdBlock can easily customize the ad blocking feature that is not at all present in the AdBlock Plus.
  • AdBlock Plus usually does slow down your browser which is not present in AdBlock.
  • The AdBlock Plus lacks many advanced features that are available in AdBlock.
  • AdBlock Plus in comparison to AdBlock doesn’t have a user-friendly interface.
  • Users that use AdBlock can block numerous tabs. This feature is not available on AdBlock Plus.
  • If both are compared on compatibility feature then, AdBlock is a much better option than AdBlock Plus.

AdBlock Vs AdBlock Plus: Which Is Better?

The internet is known to be a major source that dies contain different information. There is nobody in the world that would enjoy the fact that they get interrupted by ads while they are using the internet. Ad blocker plays a vital role when it comes to having an uninterrupted surfing. The differences that exist between these two ad blockers is very slight, however, both of them are equally popular which is one of the reasons people can get easily confused. Between choosing any of these ad blockers the browser which you use plays an important role. For Google Chrome users AdBlock is the best option. For users using Mozilla Firefox, AdBlock Plus is a better option.

Thus, from the above discussion, we get an idea that which one to choose depending on it are various features.