Armored Core 6
Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 Release Update for Ps4: Play station is basically a brand which is popularly known for its four home gaming console games. Play station also has its own media streaming services which makes it a complete home entertainment system. The brand play station was created and owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The original play station got released in the year of 1994 on 3rd of December in Japan.

After the first generation console, the second generation console was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment in the year of 2000. According to statistics, the Play station from Sony Interactive Entertainment is one of the most selling console companies in the entire world. Sony Interactive Entertainment then released their third console in the year 2006 and named it Play station 3. The Play station 3 was the third generation console from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Armored Core 6 Release Update for Ps4

Armored Core 6
Armored Core 6

After 2006 Sony Interactive Entertainment came up with their fourth generation home gaming console in the year 2013 and named it Play Station 4. Right now the latest version of the Play station 4 is the pro version of the original Play station 4. After the release of the play station four almost 1 million copies of the console were sold in just 24 hours which made it the fastest selling console in the history of console sales.

Amongst all the industries the gaming industry is one of the most competitive industries in the entire world. It is very important for all the gaming console companies to come up with better updates now and then to keep the user get a better gaming experience. Every update somehow tries to fix the bugs and help games play games much easier and have a better experience. The last update from the Sony Interactive Entertainment of the play station four console was the Armored Core 6 update. All the ps4 users were excited about the Armored Core 6 update because of the armored core series every gamer’s favorite. The armor core series is known to all gamers because of its nice SFX and VFX and a great storyline.

Armored Core 6 Update

Armored Core 6 is a mecha video game which is developed by From Software and is available on all the platforms like play station and Xbox. The game Armored Core 6 is a third person shooter game very common amongst all the professional gamers. The storyline of the game differs throughout the series, but the general gameplay is same for all. The game focuses on a player who is a mercenary and he has to complete different missions and kill people to go forward in the game. The main work of the player is to destroy enemies and attack all the opposing forces. The game is widely popular amongst players because of its ability to customize. Players can customize the skills and how they like to combat with the enemies. This game helps the players to earn money by completing missions that are given to them. Every mission has different types of reward on completion, and the reward decreases when the player takes damage. There are other bonus objectives in the game which helps players to earn money and gain skills.

List of games from the Armoured Core series

  • Armored Core- released in 1997
  • Armored Core: Project Phantasma- released in 1997
  • Armored Core: Master of Arena- released in 1999
  • Armored Core 2- released in 2000
  • Armored Core 2: Another Age- released in 2001
  • Armored Core 3- released in 2002
  • Silent Line: Armored Core- released in 2003
  • Armored Core Nexus- released in 2004
  • Armored Core: Formula Front- released in 2004
  • Armored Core: Nine Breaker- released in 2004
  • Armored Core: Last Raven- released in 2005
  • Armored Core: Mobile Online- released in 2005
  • Armored Core: Mobile Mission- released in 2006
  • Armored Core: Mobile 2- released in 2006
  • Armored Core 4- released in 2006
  • Armored Core: Mobile 3- released in 2007
  • Armored Core: Mobile 4- released in 2008
  • Armored Core: For Answer- released in 2008
  • Armored Core V- released in 2012
  • Armored Core: Verdict Day- released in 2013

Supported system For Armored Core

The general Armored Core series games run in all kinds of devices like the Play Station Portable, the original play station, the 2nd generation play station, the 3rd generation play station. The game Armored Core 5 was the only game at that point which was running on Xbox one console. The new Armored Core 6 is going to be compatible with the Xbox One, the play station 4 pro, play station 4 slim, the original play station 4. There are chances that the game will be compatible with the older generation play stations but nothing is confirmed yet. Armored Core series was also compatible with mobile phones so it can be expected that there will be a mobile version release of the Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6 Release Date: Armored Core Ps4

The last game from the Armored series was the Armored Core: Verdict Day which released in the year 2013. Gamers have been waiting for the Armored Core 6, and it is going to release some time this year, but the developers have not yet confirmed the dates. There is no information about the game from the developer’s side, and therefore all the information is mostly speculated by experts and fans of this game. Hidetaka Miyazaki has said in an interview that they are going to make a lot of changes in the game and something exciting is going to come up in this game but other than there is no concrete information. The gamers expect that the latest Armored Core 6 is going to have some high-level graphics and audio making the gaming experience even more realistic. There is no information from the developers if the game will support virtual reality or not but if it does it is going to change the scenario of gaming in the console world. The developers will soon come up with the date of release of Armored Core 6 shortly.

Armored Core 6 Alternatives

Gamers are positive that the Armored Core 6 is going to release somewhat this year and meanwhile the release these are the lists of games that could be checked out to enjoy some good third-person shooting gaming experience.

  • Dark Soul Series

The dark soul series is a series of games which has been developed by the same company as Armored Core series, and this game will help the gamers get a taste of their favorite developers. The gameplay of the dark soul series is completely different from Armored Series making it a surprise experience for the gamers. The game dark soul revolves around the concept of life and death and how coming back from death by the help of reincarnation and helping to save the world from all the demons. This game is surely worth playing while waiting for the Armored Core 6.

  • Blood Borne

Bloodborne is also a very renowned game and is known for its complex storyline and fantastic gameplay. The same company also develops this game, and this might be an experience of a lifetime to play such a game which is very different from any games out there today. Gamers will surely enjoy playing this game while they wait for the Armored Core 6.

  • Titan fall Series

Titan fall is one of the most popular games right now in the console gaming world. This game has been known for receiving high critical acclaim for all the robotic theme and the concept of the future world where there will be fights between robots for survival. This is probably the best alternative gaming option when it comes to Armored Series. This game will help gamers get the fun they are looking for in the upcoming Armored Core series game. This game is a must play for all the players who are waiting for Armoured Core 6.

So it all comes down to the release of the most speculated game of the year the Armored Core 6. People have been waiting for the release of the game since the last release in 2013. It’s time for all the players to gear up and prepare themselves for the robot fight on the release of the game Armored Core 6. In the meantime, if gamers want to play them can play the list of games which are mentioned above and can prepare themselves for the grand release of the most waited game the Armored Core 6. The latest Armored Core 6 will be available in both Sony as well as Microsoft console which is a huge relieve for all the Xbox gamers. The developers of Armored Core Series have made the fans wait for almost 5 years, and all the fans are more excited because they know they will get to play the best VFX and SFX game of the year once it releases in the market on home entertainment consoles.