best 2-factor authentication products
best 2-factor authentication products

best 2-factor authentication products – How to easily set up two-factor authentication: The security of internet is getting weak day by day. In the year of 2007 most of the secured data that was there on the internet got leaked and in the year of 2018, the same thing repeated itself. What users need to keep their data safe is two-factor authentication. All the codes that are provided by the applications which are authenticator can easily scan any kind of QR code which is present in your phone and can get all the access to the phone browser and internet browsing history.

best 2-factor authentication products – How to easily set up two-factor authentication

best 2-factor authentication products
best 2-factor authentication products

Google Step Verification

Google has access to user’s credit card details from the Google Play settings. All the data of the users which are there attached to the Google account is very much well protected because Google is working on 2FA. The authentication that Google is called two-step verification process. Two-step verification is much stronger than any other verification on the internet right now. The first step of two-step verification is Google Prompt which will add the mobile number of the user and send a call or SMS informing about the one-time password with help of the authentication application. In the personal account of the users, they can register their computer and they will not have to sign-in with any other process. If users have an account which is linked to the G Suit business they the users will only be able to receive codes every 30 days.

What is Google Authenticator?

Google Authenticator is basically an application for authentication made by Google which helps to generate codes for verification even when there is no internet connection on the smartphone. If users are interested in using them then they will need to go through a 2 step verification in the app. In the application, a QR code is scanned from the desktop screen which will give access to all the details. The services where the authentication application works are Slack, Amazon, Dropbox, IFTTT, Microsoft, Evernote, Facebook, Word press and Last Pass.

Facebook Login Approvals

The best 2-factor authentication products for Facebook is called Login Approvals. Users will be able to access it from their desktop or laptop by going to the settings option and then to the Security and clicking on the option of Edit and enabling the settings. On a general case, Facebook authenticates its users with help of Code Generator in the Facebook app. The code generator will generate a six-digit number which can be used but the six-digit number changes every 30 seconds and users need to use it before that.

Application for Code Generator

If users want to keep all their codes secured and want to use one place to store them they should use an app for third party code generation like Authy or Google Authenticator. Users can set everything up by going to the Settings option and then Security option and then login approvals and then finally edit to Code generator. Then users will be able to set up other ways to generate their codes. Once this is done, a pop up will arise with a QR code. Users now need to open the application Authenticator app on their mobile phones and then simply scan the QR code in the application. From next time if users try signing in from any other browser or computer the computer will ask for a QR code which they can find in the authenticator app.

Text Message Vs Code Generator

There are a lot of people who prefer a text message on their registered mobile number than installing an application called code generator and using codes from it. If users need to be prompt about their sign in they need to go through the code generator to make things fast and easy. For best 2-factor authentication products users should definitely have their mobile number registered to their account so that they get the text message of code on their mobile phone.

The code required for Recovery

All the options that are listed above will require an access to a phone with the registered mobile number for activation and log in. When users will be activating Login Approvals they will receive a list of total 10 recovery codes that they need to download and keep it safe so that whenever they want to log in and do not have the mobile with them they can easily use the codes.

There are a lot of authentication products on the market right now. The best 2-factor authentication products are using a code generator and using a text message or call for codes. Both of them are very much secured and will help users to keep all their data safe. Users should always use one of the best 2-factor authentication products that are available in the market.