Best Data Visualization Software
Best Data Visualization Software

Best Data Visualization Software – Visualize Your Data the Modern Way: Big Data along with all the ever-growing access we have to different sources of information are few of the main reasons behind the driving force of artificial intelligence. This access to varied information is also one of the main driving forces behind the wave of technological changes that we have today across various industries.

But all this data becomes meaningless and useless until and unless we learn to understand it. In fact, it can also be considered more of a liability than an asset. This is where Data Visualization comes into the picture. Data Visualization is all how about how a person presents their data. Data Visualization not only includes presenting the data the right way but also presenting the data to the right people and at the right time. This is done to gain a deeper insight into the whole matter more effectively.

Best Data Visualization Software – Visualize Your Data the Modern Way

Best Data Visualization Software
Best Data Visualization Software

Lucky for all of us visualization is also evolving over the years along with all the different types of advancements being made in the technological field. Videos, Charts, infographics and also cutting-edge virtual reality including augmented reality have become the new and innovative way of channels of communication. In this particular article, we are going to look into the list of some of the best innovative data visualization tools that are available as of today. These tools that we are going to discuss are mostly paid versions. Free trials of these tools, however, do exist whereby the consumer can get an idea of what the tool is all about and how it exactly works before purchasing the same. The list includes

List of Best Visualization Tools


First in the list of best data visualization software that is available today is Tableau. This software is considered to be the grand master of all visualization tools that are available today and it has its reasons for being called so. The customer base of this particular software is huge ranging to about 57000 plus satisfied customers all around the world. The software is also very famous amongst industries due to its simplistic approach and having the ability to produce a varied interactive visualization. These visuals are far beyond what can be achieved by general BI solutions. This particular tool is very efficient in handling the fast-changing datasets that are used today in Big Data operations. This particular tool is very easy to use and for can be understood by any human once they get the hang of how to use it.


Next in the list of best data visualization software is the QlikView. QlikView also has a very big name in the market and is considered to be the biggest competitor of Tableau. This particular software is equally famous and has a customer base of around 40000 satisfied customers. This software is being used even as of now over 100 countries at the very least. It is known to have a setup that is highly customizable and comes along with various features and advantages. Alongside its data visualization facilities, this tool is also known to provide powerful business intelligence. It also has enterprise reporting capabilities along with analytics. The user interface is described by many customers to be clean and clutter-free. QlikView is known for having a sister package known as Qliksense and is most commonly used alongside it. Its sister package is known to handle data exploration along with discovery. There also exists a strong community along with third party resources that are available as of today and they are available online so as to help new users to understand on how to integrate this particular software in their projects.


Next on the list of best data visualization software that is widely used all over the world is FusionCharts. This particular software is a JavaScript widely used visualization and charting package that is known to have established itself as one of the biggest and the largest in the paid-up market that exists today. It is known to produce over 90 different chart types that can also integrate with a large number of platforms and other frameworks. Due to the fact that it can be integrated with different platforms easily is one of the reasons it is considered to be extremely flexible. One of the reasons why FusionCharts are becoming so popular is because now the user does not need to start from scratch while doing any work on visualization. Instead, there is a wide range of live templates are available. The user can pick and choose from there making the work much easier.


Next on the list of best data visualization software that is used today is HightCharts. HighCharts similar to FusionCharts does require a license if used for commercial purposes. Users can also try out the trial version in order to get a hang of what it is all about. A license is also not required if the user does want to use it for non-commercial purposes. The official website of this particular software claims that it is being used by around 72 of the top 100 biggest companies in the world. Whenever the user is looking for a flexible and fast option then HighCharts is the one to choose. The main key to its success is because of its immense focus on the cross-browsing support. This basically means that anybody can run its interactive visualizations. This is usually not true with other new platforms.


Next on the list of best data visualization software is the one called Datawrapper. This is exceedingly popular amongst media organizations. It’s frequently used by media organizations to create various charts and statistics. The user-interface is quite simple which basically makes it very easy to upload CSV data and create various straightforward charts. Maps can also quickly be created which can then be embedded on reports.

Thus, from the above discussion, we do get an idea of the various modern visualization tools that are used today. There are various other examples as well. However, customers should pick according to their requirements and needs and choose the one best suited for them.