Best Free Antivirus
Best Free Antivirus

Top 15 Best Free Antivirus 2018 for Windows 10/7/8.1 PC: There goes a very famous saying that ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ By all means, this saying or proverb has made its impact on every field of our dramatic life. It is basic conscience that before taking any step in your life, we are asked to be careful. Else we are greeted with good luck to make things good for us and the involved surrounding. This way we tend to be alert and avoid making silly mistakes. Or get carried away by a bad influence. Similarly, when it comes to computers, the proverb fits right in, because nevertheless preventing a mishap is way better than sitting and wasting precious time about how to cure the bad luck that you just contracted. By which we mean Viruses, because just like in our daily physical life, computers to are prone to a lot of mishaps, meaning virus attacks. These viruses cause more harm than said and a user must install a barrier to fight against it. To our rescue we have anti-viruses. These anti-viruses help in protecting our computer space by identifying malicious viruses which could be harmful to our personal computers.

Top 15 Best Free Antivirus 2018 for Windows 10/7/8.1 PC

Best Free Antivirus
Best Free Antivirus

What is an Anti Virus?

An Antivirus, also known as Anti-malware, is computer software which is used mainly to prevent, identify and eradicate malicious software. The software was originally developed to identify and remove computer viruses from which it got its name, Antivirus. But with the increase in the types of malicious software’s attacking the computers called for a change.   There was a need to introduce an Antivirus which not only identified and eradicated the harmful viruses but also prevented them from attacking. Thus the proverb came into being making us more aware of the possible harm. In our modern times, Antimalware or Antivirus software’s are capable of doing a lot more than removing viruses. The Antivirus’ these days protect our computers by the following means:

  • Protection from browser hijackers
  • Protection from Trojan horses and worms
  • Protection from ransomware, keyloggers, backdoors, and rootkits
  • Protection from LSPs dialers, fraud tools, adware and spyware
  • Protection from other computer threats, eg. Malicious URLs, spam, scam, online banking attacks, online identity thefts, botnet DDoS attacks among all.

The above-mentioned items are the various types of virus attacks that can harm your devices in various ways. To avoid such mishaps, it is highly advisable to install Antivirus software on your device. This way your device shall be protected from malicious attacks by preventing them from attacking in the first place.

To make things easier for you we have brought together fifteen of the best free Antivirus for Windows 10/7/8.1 PC. Listed below is what you are looking for:

  1. McAfee Antivirus

This antivirus software is among the world’s leading cyber security companies which operate independently. The main aim of the software is to create a virus-free environment for the computer to operate on. McAfee antivirus enables a computer to protect itself from any harmful threats online and offline. It works efficiently and protects a user and their computer (which contains all the important data) from cybercriminals. Though it is not entirely free, it does provide a trial period for a user to test the waters.

  1. Kaspersky

The Kaspersky antivirus software is the most effective software for Windows 8.1 and above. It is the most secured antivirus on your computer. The software provides online and offline security services to the computer. The software comes in package system and can protect your computer for three consecutive years from one single installation. It has additional features and also provides banking security apart from all the others. The Kaspersky is similar to McAfee providing a free trial before purchasing the entire package.

  1. Bitdefender Antivirus

The Bitdefender antivirus comes second best when there is a discussion about the best free antivirus. The software installs in seconds, and it runs at maximum speed without slowing down your system. The software is advised to be used for gaming image editing, video editing, and other resource-intensive applications. It provides amazing service to the system making it a go-to option for the best free antivirus.

  1. AVG Antivirus

The newly developed AVG Antivirus now includes real-time security updates, identifies and scans malware. Keeps a check on the performance of the system and detect any malicious viruses before being loaded on the computer itself. It is rated among the best free antivirus available in the market.

  1. Panda Security

The Panda Security antivirus software is too good to be free. But surprisingly it is. The software works on behavior intelligence. It has the potential to identify known and unknown malware in the system, APTs, file attacks and various other malicious behaviors before they can even come to the formation. This software continuously monitors your computer and protects against threats.

  1. Sophos Home

This software is among the reputable names in the cyber security market for its amazing performance and features. Sophos Home is advanced computer security software which detects and removes malware, ransomware, viruses, applications and other programs that might prove to be harmful to the system. It has a clean user interface, and the installation process is least complicated.

  1. Avira Free Antivirus

Avira was released back in 1986 and since then has made a huge impact on the cybersecurity industry. The software has a ‘Protection Cloud’ feature which gives the user an early warning for analyzing unknown files in the cloud. The software has ‘PUA Shield’ which protects a computer from operating on unknown apps which could be harmful.

  1. Microsoft Windows Defender

The very best software best suited for Windows 10 is the Microsoft Windows Defender. It delivered comprehensive and built-in protection to the computer system. The software automatically updates itself and keeps the computer protected from all possible threat. There is nothing to buy or install as the Windows Defender is pre-installed on the computer and requires no configuration or subscription. It is the most hassle-free software among the best free antivirus.

  1. Malwarebytes Anti-malware

This software comes with a free download option, but if a user is to switch to premium services, then they will have to buy it. The software provides a free cloud trial for users to test the waters before purchasing it. The Malwarebytes Antivirus is the best solution to cleaning up your system. It provides a free 14 days trial for experiencing one of the best antivirus solutions.

  1. Zone Alarm Free Antivirus

The Zone Alarm Free Antivirus comes with good features. It is one of the best antivirus and antispyware software’s available to us. It is suitable for getting rid of bots, worms, Trojans, spyware and other harmful threats. The best part about this antivirus is that the scanning mode is customizable as per the users need. Amazing for gamers as it clears junk and prevents virus attacks without interrupting the game. The personal firewall features help keep track of ongoing traffic.

  1. 360 Total Security

The 360 Total Security is among the best free antivirus providing the system with good protection services and features. It has the auto scanning property which scans the system at its intervals and provides all-around protection. The software has the sandbox feature and the system clean up feature.

  1. Adaware Antivirus Free

The software was earlier known as Ad-Aware from Lavasoft but since then has undergone a lot of changes. The software protects a computer from popular threats that are malicious. Installing this software would mean protection from spyware, viruses, worms, Trojans, etc. The best feature of this free antivirus is that it provides download protection. Meaning when new files are being downloaded to the system, the antivirus does the job of eradicating every harmful object.

  1. Avast Free Antivirus

The Avast Antivirus is an anti-spyware, and it consists of various other properties. These properties protect the computer from harmful virus attacks. It also protects the computer from various other threats which might damage the system. It is perfect for use in Windows 10. The software is easy to use with minimal complications. Viruses can be cleared in one go. The Avast Antivirus software helps protect important documents, messages, web viruses, etc. It is the best free antivirus.

  1. Norton Security

The Norton Security software is the best antivirus when it comes to protecting financial information and protects against online identity theft. The software is known to have a great performance rate when it comes to speed. It has a good record of accurately detecting and removing malware and other cybersecurity threats.

  1. Baidu Antivirus

The Baidu Antivirus is free and does not require any extra baggage to cope with. It is an award-winning security service provider to the computer system. The software upgrades itself from time to time. It has the cloud feature which provides security against online privacy threat. To add to it has been known to scan and clean junk room the system when needed. It monitors network traffic and usage and manages programs in real time. Protects browsers against possible threats and gives all-around protection against virus’.

The abovementioned antivirus’ is free and among the best of the lot. If you are looking for a good security system, then opt from one of these, for free.