Best Password Managers
Best Password Managers

Best Password Managers 2018 – Manage Your Password with Ease: In today’s technological world it is considered to be the best practice if a person would set different passwords for all their online accounts. This is mainly advised to protect all your data and personal information. However, remembering all the passwords for all the different accounts will not be easy especially if the person would like to put in a strong log in which is difficult to crack. There is, however, a simple solution to all these problems which is by having a password manager. The password manager basically helps in generating a strong password for the user by combing letters, special characters, and numbers and then finally keeps in all together in an encrypted vault.

Best Password Managers 2018 – Manage Your Password with Ease

Best Password Managers
Best Password Managers

Once the user does login their manager the programs will automatically help by filling up their username along with the password each time the user visits the particular website. This helps in taking out the guesswork while surfing the internet. Some of the password managers and generators do store in the user’s encrypted login info into the hard drive. There are others that will upload all the details to their servers which will then enable the user to access these details from the internet connection to any device. In this particular article, we will be looking into some of the best password managers that are available in the market as of today. The list includes

Best Password Manager


First in the list of Best Password managers that are available today is LastPass. This particular manager is available free of cost and does help in creating a secure password along with storage for all of the user’s accounts. This particular manager is known to come in two different flavors. First, as mentioned above is the free version and secondly, there exists a premium version as well. Either one of them is still known to generate numerous logins in a safe and secure vault. The logins are protected by something known as the master password which is known to have multi-factor authentication. This is done for added security.

The free version is known to provide the user with storage for syncing of credentials, text notes all across browsers and also allows the user to access their vault from any device in which internet can be accessed. The premium version is known to allow its users to have secure cloud storage for their files, authentication, advanced multi-factor and also the ability to lay up a contingency plan. This contingency plan is set up so that your loved ones can access your account during an emergency.


Next on the list of Best Password managers that are available today is Dashlane. It is considered to be a super password security for all your web browsers and other devices. It is considered to be the closest competitor of the above mentioned LastPass. It is known to have many features including the one-click password generator. It is also known to possess top-class security. It is also very easy to use and it has the ability to even store notes which can be used for future reference. Dashlane is not only available as a Windows program. It consists of other browser plugins and also does have mobile versions. Dashlane also does come along with a premium version which is similar to that of LastPass. The Premium version is known to have unlimited syncing and sharing. The free version comes along with digital wallet features, core password managing, and Plus, Dashlane is working on a new project called the Project Mirror. If it is successful, then the user does not need to worry about pesky passwords ever again.


Next on the list of Best Password managers that are available today is RoboForm. It is considered to be one of the best desktop password managers which also consist of mobile applications that are free. RoboForm does claim to be the best password manager that exists in the world today. In the free version after a recent update, they have added this new support that does help in the storage of limitless amounts of logins. It is also known to boost application logins and other things including safe storage of notes, the ability to gain any sort of emergency access and varied multi-platform support.

It is known to allow the user to sync all of their devices including having cloud backup and also the ability to gain emergency access as mentioned earlier. Family subscriptions are also available which comes along with up to five users. It is also known to provide the free mobile applications which are considered to be fantastic. Another added advantage of using this particular software is that its password generator is especially very strong. It allows the user to execute similar characters and tells the users specifically which characters are required. The software is available for the Mac. IOS, Windows and the Android. Users who are looking for a secure and simple way to sync their passwords in between desktops, laptops and other mobile platforms should definitely go for this particular software.

KeePass Password Safe

Next on the list of Best Password managers that are available today is the Keep Pass Password Safe. This particular software has a unique feature as it can be customized and is mostly for more experienced users. It is considered to be an excellent password generator and is also expandable with the help of plugins. This particular software does provide its users with robust security along with multi-user support and comes along with downloadable plugins which basically helps in expanding its feature set.

It helps in generating logins that help the user avoid those annoying websites. Another unique feature of this particular software is that it can run via USB and does not need to be installed on the computer.

Thus, from the above discussion, we get an idea of the various password managers that are available in the market as of today. Customers should choose according to their requirements.