DocsendDocsend the new analytics tool for all: DocSend is basically a comprehensive toolbox which stores all of the documents and provides protection to all. Users can share their files and the whole Docsend works exactly like Dropbox and users will be able to share all kinds of documents with ease. Users will be able to select the files they want and create a link out of it. Users can create multiple numbers of links from a single document with help of DocSend’s HTML. Users will be able to know how much time people are spending on the slides and pages. Users will be able to tell if the people who have this file are sharing it with someone else or not.

Docsend – Docsend the new analytics tool for all


The DocSend crashes at times and takes a little bit of time to recover itself and at times it is a hassle. The DocSend always makes a big URL and therefore it would be very much convenient for all the people. A mobile version of

will be very much useful and people will be able to use it even when they are on the go. Docsend is known for enhancing any kind of presentation materials or documents. It is also known to protect all kinds of data.

Best features of Docsend

With help of Docsend users are able to track all the views of the pages and how much time anyone spends on each page. Users are also able to track who is sending this document to whom. People are able to view these documents without they having to leave the browser that they are using at that point in time.

The only thing that is not good about is that all the documents are linked with The documents should have been linked to the source of the content rather than the website of Docsend. The product is really good and the customer support is also very prompt and tries to solve problems of the user as soon as possible.

What are the uses of Docsend in business problems?

The main advantage of using Docsend is it helps to track all the engagements and reaches and helps a company understand how the business promotion is working with the people. The Docsend helps users make an environment which is curated and specific to the needs of the users.

Problems solved by Docsend

  • The version can be controlled by collateral
  • There is an only source for all the up to date collateral
  • All the calculations of tracking and engagements are per client per-document basis
  • The collateral engagement is all tied up with the sales force
  • Product marketing is all in document optimization

The name Docsend is not very glamorous but once a company starts using it they will be a part of the Docsend system. There are a lot of start-ups in the market right now who have been able to raise money just by showing all the data to their investors with help of Docsend. Right now the CEO of Docsend is Russ Heddleston and according to him, people who are using Docsend are able to reach their targets easily because all the data could be easily evaluated in Docsend and they could understand and study where things are going wrong.

How does Docsend work?

Docsend is a tool for analytics and for documents. The first thing that the users need to do is simply upload any kind of document to their computers. It will take some time for the document to integrate with Dropbox. Right now the file format supported by Docsend is PDF. Once everything is done users will be able to share their document and track who is opening it and who is it been forwarded to and what is the most read page in the whole document. Users will be able to track a group of people with help of Docsend just by making multiple numbers of links to a single document file.

If there is any kind of mistake when the document was sent users can easily go and change the errors that were been made. All the documents which are being shared will update itself and make the necessary corrections. If users have a clear idea about any kind of analytics tools, then they will be easily able to use it. The Docsend comes in very much handy when users are sending a confidential document and they keep a track on who are the people viewing the file and who the file is forwarded to.

Since Docsend is becoming popular day by day more and more people are getting to know about it and starting to use it in their daily life. All the big companies are using Docsend to promote their brand because it helps to give easy access to all the engagement and tracking data.