Want a stylish, trendy, and a high- quality dash cam which matches your stylish car? Than Ehoom Rear View Dash Cam is a perfect choice. One of the best Dash Cameras of 2018 offers the fabulous features. Don’t miss this great opportunity or you will only regret. Ehoom Rear View Dash Cam provides you the best features that other Dash Cam can’t even think of. Technology is increasing day by day and Ehoom Rear View Dash Cam has utilized to its best.

Ehoom Rear View Mirror Dash Cam “The Complete In-Depth Review”

Planning a trip with your loved ones? Want to capture your whole journey? Then don’t think just buy Ehoom Rear View Dash Cam before it gets too late. Below are the features which will definitely satisfy your demands. I assure you guys you will never get these amazing features in any other Dash Camera.

Features That Makes Ehoom Rear View Dash Cam Different From Others

Design: Its weight is only 3.52 ounces with 3.8*1.5*1.5 inches dimension.It requires 1 lithium polymer batteries.

Night Vision:  Ehoom Rear View Dash Cam has a perfect recording not only in daytime or in the high light environment but it can also record very well in the night or in the low light environment. If you like to travel in the night than this gadget is just perfect for you. You can very well enjoy its recording either in the daytime or in the night.

Cam With Sound: This Dash Cam can clearly capture the audio also without any deformity. If you want a video with clear audio than you can very well use this feature. And if you don’t want to record the audio then you can switch to off button. Both way you can enjoy as per your choice.

Parking Mode: Ehoom Rear View Dash Cam can automatically turn to its parking mode whenever you will start parking your car. If in case your car can hit a wall or anything then the camera automatically will turn on and the siren will also switch on. It will give you an indication before you will be hit by something.

It will help you to park your car safely without any difficulty.

Loop Recording: I think this is one of the best features any Dash camera should have. And Ehoom Rear View Dash Cam provides you this amazing feature. Loop Recording means it keeps saving the latest videos and the older videos get deleted once its memory got full. This camera provides you with 64gb memory. So you can easily save as many videos as you want to. And if still, the memory gets full then you can share the saved videos to other devices also.

Date And Time Stamp: Be aware of the date and time that camera shows while recording. If you are using some videos as an evidence then this feature act as the most helping feature.

Heat Resistant And Cold Resistant: The most attractive feature of Ehoom Rear View  Dash Cam is that you can record your journey at both high and low temperature without any difficulty. Its working temperature is between -4 to 158 degree. You can easily record whether you go to the colder areas or hot areas.

G-Sensor: In this G-Sensor feature you can lock your important videos and check them whenever you need them. Because of this feature, the camera will not overwrite your locked video even if the storage capacity gets full. This feature will help you not to lose your important videos ever.

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  • Its lightweight and small dimension design help the user to easily hold it.
  • Clear recording in the day as well as in night time
  • Automatically turn on the siren whenever need to aware
  • Users choice of video with audio recording or not.
  • The recording is possible at high or low both the temperatures.


  • The capacity of a battery is very small.
  • Only back camera, no front camera.