Fix Windows Update Stuck at 0% in Windows
Fix Windows Update Stuck at 0% in Windows

Fix Windows Update Stuck at 0% in Windows 7/8/10: There are times when we stop using the computer for a long period of time and when we finally try opening it it is filled up with new updates that need to be installed. Installing updates always need an active and decent internet connection. After we have checked with the internet connection, we click on install updates so that all the updates get installed but at times many users have faced a similar problem that the update stops working and the percentage done remains zero. This is not one of the biggest problems in windows and can be solved easily. This article will help you to find a solution to this problem.

The famous error of windows of getting stuck in updates is one of the most common problems worldwide. The problem is faced by almost all users of Windows 7, 8 and 10. This error is not a serious problem and users don’t need to be scared of it. Now that we have a solution to the problem the error won’t irritates all the windows users worldwide.

Fix Windows Update Stuck at 0% in Windows 7/8/10

Fix Windows Update Stuck at 0% in Windows
Fix Windows Update Stuck at 0% in Windows

Fixing the update problem

Method 1 – How To Fix The Windows Update Error Stuck at 0% in Windows 7 or 8?

Before starting the process, all the users should create a system restore point because it will help all the users to recover their previous system version in case something goes wrong. Once the restore is done click on the start button in the windows and goes running. When the application of run opens just type in ‘Services.msc’ and press the “ok” button.

A services box will appear in front of the users. Find the windows update from the list and right click on it and select stop.

Once this is done users need to go to the C drive of their computer and look for the folder called software distribution. The folder will contain all the files downloaded during the time of update. Users need to delete all the files that have been installed because these files are the reason for the error. Now again go to the services tab and resume the windows update settings which you stopped a few minutes earlier. Once everything is done restart your computer and everything will be good to go. The error of Windows update getting stuck at 0 percent won’t be there anymore.

Method 2 – To Fix The Windows 10 Update Error Stuck at zero 0%

Facing the same issue of downloading updates in windows 10. Here is the solution to the problem. The first thing that needs to be done is to open the application of command prompt as an administrator in your computer. Once the application opens type in ‘net stop wuauserv,’ and presses enter. This command will stop all the windows updates. Then go to the command prompt again and type in net stop bits and press enter. This command is to stop all the updates which are running in the background of your windows 10.

Users now need to go to the local disc C of their windows 10 and open the folder called windows. In windows, folder finds in another folder called software distribution. This folder will contain all the incomplete file updates. Delete all the files permanently from your computer.

Once you delete the files close the window and go to the command prompt window. In command prompt type in ‘net start wuauserv’ and press enter and then type in ‘start bits’ and also press enter. Restart your computer and the problem of not been able to download windows update will be fixed and users will not face any issue in installing new updates anymore.

Method 3 – Fix Windows 10/8/7 Update Stuck at 0 % By Using Troubleshooter?

After trying out method 1 and method 2 if users are still facing the issue then the only thing they need to do is try to troubleshoot. The only solution to the updates of windows getting stuck at zero percent is by using troubleshooter. Troubleshooter is an inbuilt application for all the windows version of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. The first thing that the users need to do is to find out the troubleshooting option on their computers by going to the search option and typing troubleshooter.

Once you search, users will be able to see an option popping up in front of their screen where it will be written fix problems with windows update.

Clicking on it will redirect the users to a different window. In the new window, look for the option of advanced options and click on it.

Once users click on it, they will again be taken to the next page where users need to tick the box of apply repairs automatically.

Now the computer will try fixing the issue by itself, and it might take some time to do so. Once the process is done, the computer will let the users know the status. Once everything is done completely simply restart the computer, and there will not be any update related issues anymore. The update downloading option will not get stuck at zero percent.

This is the following steps that users need to follow if they are facing any issue with the windows update option. Users should try all the methods as mentioned above and they will easily be able to solve the issue of downloading updates. This is an issue very common amongst all the windows users and though it is not a very serious problem try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

If after trying out all the methods, the users still face the same issue then they need to go and check how they can delete the Windows 10 update cache so that they make some space. Users also need to check if they have enough memory in their c drive to install the updates because that could be one of the reasons why the download and installation of windows updates is getting stuck at zero percent. This article will be helpful for every windows user from windows 7 till the latest version of Windows 10.