PDF Reader Software for Windows
PDF Reader Software for Windows

Top 10+ Best Free PDF Reader Software for Windows 2018: Today every kind of information is digitally based. This information’s are compiled on the word and are usually encrypted to keep it from getting invaded. By which we mean that if any document or information is converted from word to pdf, then the document becomes uneditable. This way no information in the document is altered or changed. It keeps a document intact. So storing a document in the pdf format is advisable as it benefits the user.

We get to view a lot of information online; these online-based information’s are always in the pdf format. To be able to view such document, one must have the software required for viewing such documents. It is an essential criterion to have a pdf reader stored or installed on the user’s computer for viewing different documents online in the pdf format.

Top 10+ Best Free PDF Reader Software for Windows 2018

PDF Reader Software for Windows
PDF Reader Software for Windows

What is PDF?

PDF, also known as Portable Document Format is computer format software for documents and files. It is a file format which was developed in the 1990sfor the presentation of documents, texts, images, etc. each PDF file encapsulates an entire description of a layout of a document which is fixed. It includes fonts, vector, graphic, etc.

There is various free PDF Reader Software available in the market be it online or offline. This software helps a user in viewing different kinds of document hassle free. So having them installed and ready to use on your computer is mandatory. Maximum of all the users globally use Windows. So we will bring you the top and most efficient free PDF Reader Software for Windows computers for 2018.

Listed below are the top 10+ free PDF Reader Software for Windows 2018:

  1. Adobe Reader

It is by far the best PDF Reader software globally available for us. Large business corporations mainly use the software though used by the larger masses. The Adobe PDF Reader is a little pricey, but it has the top rated features that are not available in any other PDF Reader.

  1. Nuance Power PDF

This PDF Reader software can be sued for converting documents, annotating PDF formatted documents, editing documents, etc. The best feature of this software is the ability to set passwords for various PDF documents. The Nuance Power PDF software has the ability of voice note technology apart from all the other advanced features. The software runs smoothly on Windows 10 computers. A user is allowed to add notes to the files already existing in pdf format just by speaking about it. This feature does not require a user to type.

  1. PDF Element

This software is one of the most brilliant PDF editors available to users. The PDF Element is used as an alternative to the Adobe PDF Reader. It is known as the standard PDF editing software in the industry. The best features that make is so amazing is the annotation and conversion of PDF formats to another format. In this software, the OCR technology is used. It is usable on both Windows and Mac systems.

  1. Slim PDF

This software is known as one of the most lightweight PDF readers for Windows computers. It is also known as the world’s smallest PDF Reader. The Slim PDF reader occupies a space of 1.43MB. Users looking for small sized PDF readers can easily opt for this software. It is a good free PDF Reader Software which is hassle-free. The loading power is super fast, and work can be completed very easily on this reader. The reader is supported on all the versions of Windows computers making it flexible in use. The Slim PDf is mainly used as a portable document reader. It does not provide many shortcuts on the keyboard to work on.

  1. PDF X-change Editor

It is a good free PDF Reader Software which works smoothly on Windows 10. The software includes a lot of features like text editing, document conversion, notes, etc. The reader also provides us with features like inserting and extracting pages. This editor supports all Windows systems.

  1. Able Word

The Abel Word free PDF Reader Software is another of the readers who are popular for Windows 10 computers. The reader is used as a Microsoft, PDF editor. It supports spell check, image formatting, tables and various other functions.

  1. Foxit Phantom PDF

This software is among the best selling PDF software in the industry. Features, like merging different files, sharing PDF files, splitting PDF files, etc., are included in the Foxit Phantom PDF Reader. Users are provided with 14 days of trial period which acts as a test drive the user.

  1. Nitro Reader

The Nitro Reader is another one of the best selling free PDF Reader Software. This software creates a perfect balance between its features and usable properties. It comes with a lucid and user-friendly interface which is loosely similar to that of the Microsoft Office Suite. The software supports all the versions of Windows. This reader is famous for its hassle free and no drama ability to make users working on it a good experience.

  1. Expert PDF Reader

The Expert PDF Reader is a free PDF Reader Software available for Windows computers. The features are easy to understand and have a very simple user interface. The Expert PDF Reader has few advanced features like highlighting texts, adding notes, creating text boxes, etc. this, in turn, increases its use by various Windows users.

  1. Sumatra PDF

This software is open source software which is lightweight and can be used on Windows computers. It is licensed by GPLv3 which supports MOBI, XPS, CHM, EPUB, FB, etc. It is one of the best lightweight Readers and is known for its amazing details and features. The software also supports shortcuts on keyboards for navigation purposes.

Well, the above-mentioned names of different software’s for PDF are among the top best readers available in the market. They are highly recommended for their use in the Windows computers. The software’s are user-friendly as they have a simple and understandable user interface. The most famous and widely used reader among the entire lot is the Adobe Reader which has been the frontrunner. It is the flag bearer of PDF Reader software’s for the longest time now.

Though the other software’s are also of great use in the Windows computers, the Adobe Reader, the PDF Element and the Nuance Power PDF is the best among all. So next time when you need to get PDF reader software for your personal computer, check out the above-mentioned software’s. These few software come with the easy installation process. It is hassle-free and can be managed by anyone, someone who is not even a professional at it. All a user has to do is log into their PC, open their browser, go to the required link and download. Once the download process is completed, go to the file location and open it. You will be asked to install and run the software. Do as said and once done you shall have your reader ready to use.