Games like Civilization
Games like Civilization

Top 10+ Best Games like Civilization: Civilization, a turn-based 4X type strategy video game, created by Sid Meier and Bruce Shelley. This game was created for Micro prose in the year of 1991. The game, Civilization, is very simple; a player has to build an empire to stand the test of time. The game begins around 4000 BC where a player attempts to expand and develop their empire through the ages which begins during the ancient era and continues until the modern era. And with the continuation of the game, it folds out to the near future times that were yet to unfold. The game was originally developed for MS-DOS to run on a PC. Then on it has undergone innumerable revisions or changes for various platforms which includes the likes of Windows, Macintosh, Sega Saturn, N Gage, Play Station, Atari ST, Super N S, Amiga, and NES. But now the game exists in various versions of its original self.

In 1995, a multiplayer remake was created, known as the Sid Meier’s Civ Net, which was meant to be played on PC. The 17th version of the game, Civilization, was the N Gage, for being run on the computer systems operating from North America. The writers for this game are B. C. Milligan, Jeffery L. Briggs, and Bruce Campbell Shelly.

Top 10+ Best Games like Civilization You Must Play

Games like Civilization
Games like Civilization

What is the game all about?

The game, Civilization, is a turn-based single player strategy game which produced the multiplayer gameplay later from its original release. The gameplay is about a player, who has to agree to take on the role of a ruler of a particular civilization. The ruler begins with creating one or two settler units (either occasionally or not). The role of the ruler at the beginning is to make settler units which could be occasionally two or reach a maximum of seven civilizations. The gameplay needs an equal amount of micromagnet which is usually less than the simulation game. The game requires an immense knowledge about warfare, diplomacy and a lot of exploration. In the game, the player has to make some decisions which relate to his virtual kingdom.

A player requires making decisions about where to build in each city. These cities advance to improving the buildings by the ruler. The ruler has to make calculations about how well the city must transform for garnering the maximum from the city of its goodwill. With each passing moment, the ruler like the usual shall faces threats from barbarians. These units of barbarian have no basic nationality of their own and have no specific leader much like the villains from movies who play according to the heaviness of a person’s power. The threat received in this game, Civilization, usually comes from the unclaimed portions of sea and lands. This is because in less to less time fewer places will be emanated by barbarians.

A player is allowed to choose historical or current civilizations on which they would like to play on. This process is largely a cosmetic choice because later in the game these choices tend to affect the names of the cities, the musicals heralds, the titles, the colors, etc. the reason being mentioned is because these choices affect the commencement position or placement of the player on the ‘Play on Earth” map. For this reason, various other different resources begin without the gameplay of the previously played game. It does not affect the new game that is about to commence and has a whole new identity to it.

This was all about the game, Civilization. But there are various other games which resemble the basic requirements and gameplay strategy of this game itself. Listed below are few amazing Games like Civilization that shall blow your kind and give a regular player a break from the monotonous gaming life.

The Anno Franchise

This game is very much similar to that of the games like Civilization as a player has likely the same requirements like that of the Civilization video game. Here too, the player needs to build his empire, make developments in the field of technology, plan and build structures for the growth of its city and mainly it requires a player to grow a huge army to protect it from the enemies who are continuously attacking. The gameplay of the Anno Franchise focuses mainly on the economy of the city more than involving its armies in combat with the relative enemies attacking it. But it sure is a good game.

Galactic Civilizations

Another one of those games like Civilization is the Galactic Civilizations, which too is a turn-based strategy game. This game was released back in 2003 and again in 2006. The basic aim of the game is to dominate the galaxy by getting into wars. The role of the gameplay is to dominate other cultures of the galaxy, make a move at their advanced technology and improve it for its habitat. The Galaxy Civilization II had won the Editor’s Choice Award from IGN (Imagine Games Network). The second version of the

Galactic Civilization series provides a player nearly a dozen moral choices, races and the rock-paper-scissors type of shipbuilding. Thus, giving a player the choice of selection, which the previous game did not provide.

Master of Orion

Master of Orion
Master of Orion

It is one of the original 4Xstrategy game series which released back in 1993 soon after Civilization had released. To be more precise, the Master of Orion was another of the games like Civilization which needed plenty of planning and strategizing before going ahead. In this game, the players have to go through a process of the face off against the computer which technically is observed to be under the galactic domination. The players are referred to usually begin with a single planet with a limited number of ships. They are instructed to explore and expand their commencement of making a beautiful home city. The victory, in this game, can be possibly achieved, by eliminating (meaning killing) all their enemies. Else a player can also choose or opt to meet at a peaceful resolution with the opponents. A player, in the Master of Orion, has complete control over technology, warfare diplomacy and building the cities most influential warships.

Alpha Centauri by Sid Meier

Just like the games like Civilization, the Alpha Centauri too was created by Sid Meier. Usually known as SMAC which is an abbreviation of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, is a science fiction infused game with setting and features of a 4X turn-based strategized game. It is often considered or named acknowledged as the sequel to the game Civilization created by the same creator, Sid Meier. The gameplay of the Alpha Centauri begins with a player landing on a strange planet named Chiron in the twenty-second (22nd) century. It has the same features and work process like that of the game Civilization. The player shall have to choose from the faction of choices which include their characters and ideological goals to go ahead in the game.

The game, which is considered to be the sequel to the original game created by the same person, has special features. The features are like social engineering, customizable units of armies, nativity of alien lives, the weather, etc. The only drawback of this game is the outdated graphical properties inculcated in the game. Apart from which the game is worth playing and investing your time into.

Total Wars

Total War
Total War

There are plenty of games like Civilization in the virtual video games arena, but Total Wars takes the cake. This particular, popular game series began in the year 2000. The game, Total wars, quickly spread like wildfire and had expanded to include six more to its original game plan.  It is one of the highest rated series among the top-rated strategy games like Civilization. This game is based on deep turn-based combat strategy which has resource management aspects at its very end. The players in this game are to take on several roles. They could be of leaders, mayors, generals, etc. usually dependable on the gameplay of the Total War game series. The players are to manage lands and armies which are technically based on a turn-based style. Here battles usually take place in real time based on the gameplay. The players are instructed to manage their huge settlements, technological advancements, military based productions and their ongoing economic growth.

The players in this game can get onto journey a through Rome, Japan, and many other places. The game features a high score on the Metacritic, and some players even have demo (demonstration) sessions through Steam. Thus, this scope gives an option to the players to test the waters before diving deep into it. Plainly speaking, a player is allowed to check out the game before purchasing it for the real gameplay session. This opens a window for obsessive and compulsive online video game players to practice before sacrificing themselves into real combat with the enemies.

The above mentioned games were the top 5 games like Civilization.  These games, which have taken the online video game market to another level when it comes to games like Civilization, have a lot to their credit. With such amazing games available for the general public, which is freely available gives a player a new virtual world to explore and fight in for their sheer existence. So gamer or not, anyone about to involve themselves in games like Civilization is in for a treat.