Gmail Boomerang
Gmail Boomerang

Gmail Boomerang – Another Smart Step By Google To Make Your Life Easier: The era of the internet has made life a lot easier for all of us. Google is one of the greatest boons for us. The assistance provided by Google in the form of various applications has proved to be very helpful. Gmail is an application used by everyone for sending and receiving emails which are very important for official purposes.

Gmail Boomerang

Gmail Boomerang
Gmail Boomerang

A very interesting feature of Google’s assistance is Gmail boomerang. The features are:

  • One can write an email and send it later.

This help of boomerang comes in handy in sending an email later generally for official purposes. If you are out for a holiday or having your own sweet time you might not be available at the office. At such a crucial moment if you need to email your boss or client, you can always write the email and send it later. There is an option of when you want the email to be sent to the respective receiver. Gmail boomerang will do as directed in the instructions.

After writing the email just clicks on the “Send Later” Button and schedule it to, for example, “next Wednesday” on Google calendar. Come next Wednesday, and the email will be sent automatically.

  • One can decide when and what emails to receive.

Well, everyone would prefer having a clear, easy, walkthrough email inbox rather than one stuffed with junk and useless mail. Gmail boomerang gives us a unique feature by means of which you can filter out the emails you want to receive or not receive. You can snooze the incoming emails and they won’t show up in the inbox until and unless you want. They will show up in the inbox only when you want it at the specified time. This also means you if you want to avoid any official work you can always snooze your official email and once you are back to work you can view the emails on the top of your inbox as an important email. The emails received during the snooze period are saved in a different folder.

  • One can set follow up reminders:

Follow- up is very essential whether in work or studies or any other activity. Generally, emails are pretty much used for official purposes and follow-ups are a must in the work sector. Gmail boomerang also assists you in providing a reminder if you have forgotten to reply to any email. If you specify the time period, then Gmail boomerang will remind you to send a reply or email at that specific time. You may also set a reminder if your client hasn’t answered the email so that you can inquire further.

It also assists in separating out the important and unimportant emails. With the use of Gmail boomerang’s assistance, you have the option to archive the email and get it back again as and when required. This helps in keeping fewer emails in the inbox and thus making work simpler to figure out.

  • Write better emails with Gmail boomerang.

Write proper emails with correct English without any grammatical errors. The predictive text helps you out and autocorrect aids in finding your mistakes. It also suggests you the way your content should be written so as to get an optimal response from the other end. Thus it also helps in making a successful conversation via email as and when required. This is considered as an instance of the artificial intelligence of Google.

How to download Gmail Boomerang?

  • If you are using iOS or Android you can get it from the Apple store or Google play store respectively.
  • Search for Gmail boomerang and click on the install button.
  • It will install and after that log into the app using your Google account.
  • Open the app and set the reminders linked to the Google calendar and use the application hassle free.

In short, Gmail boomerang saves you from the hassle of keeping a track of everything. It sets reminders and sends an email or opens emails as and when you want it to be done. The only work which you need to do is making the changes in the settings and forgets about the rest.

If you have difficulty in remembering the schedule of your meetings or important dates like birthdays or anniversaries, you can always log in to your Google calendar and set the reminder. This will automatically generate a birthday email and send it to the respective recipient on their birthday. Thus, your loved one won’t be able to complain that you have forgotten their birthday.

It is useful in managing projects and also reminds you to pay bills for your household or official purposes. This helps you keep a follow up with sales leads so that you don’t lose track in between. It can manage emails related to travel confirmation and after your travel, you can just archive it for future reference. Sorting out your important and unimportant emails will get half of your workload off your shoulders. Now that’s what you call one awesome software!