Guerrilla Mail is the safest mail id for writing reviews: In medieval times when there was no concept of internet, people used to send messages via a messenger. This messenger had to travel all the way which obviously took a lot of time. Well, they had no option but be patient enough to wait for the message and the response. In today’s fast and technology-based world no one can think of such a slow patient bearing process. People receive and send messages across the world as if it was like talking to someone next to you. Thus, came the concept of emails after the greatest inventions the “Internet”. Though nowadays there are so many more means of receiving and sending messages for official purposes, emails are preferred.

Guerrilla Mail

The uses of Emails

  • Help in sending and receiving messages, letters on the online basis for official purposes.
  • One can chat with friends or near and dear ones via email.
  • You need an email id as a way of authentication in the day to day work.
  • One can differentiate between important and unimportant messages.

A special kind of mail is the Guerrilla mail. In all the emails the person sets his own email address and password which is permanent if not changed or deleted. Well in the Guerrilla mail the advantage is of having a temporary email id. The email address you make lasts for an hour. It has been in use since 2006.

Features of Guerrilla mail:

  • It is very helpful for accounts which need your email id for registration purposes. In such cases, if you are not comfortable to give your personal details you can always use this mail.
  • You will not need to register to Guerrilla mail. Anyone can use the account. They do not ask for any personal details information. They just provide you with the email address.
  • Guerrilla mail offers to send and receiving of emails provided it is done within that one hour. You can view the email in your sent items or inbox. You don’t have to worry about anyone else seeing your email as the email address will expire.
  • You should avoid using this mail service if you are expecting a response from the person or another official account. Often in such case, if the emails bounce back due to the expiry of the email, it might affect other people.
  • One can extend the time of the email address as an when you want, add an extra hour to it.
  • Make sure to not to email your friend or doing some other thing as they might respond to it late on.
  • The users have the option of putting a password which also expires with the account unless already deleted.
  • You also have options for copying the old email address and also delete it forget the email address.
  • When you go online you will be immediately logged in and you can browse through and navigate in the account and send emails to required personnel and delete your account so that you don’t have any email on the receiving end.
  • One can download attachments and view it like in any other emails.

This email helps you from making a separate spam account, you can use the account as and when required as per need.

It’s pretty helpful in writing review. The email address is anonymous and active for only an hour so one can write a review and just forgets about the account and no one can trace back to the person.

How to download Guerrilla mail?

  • You may not find Guerrilla mail on the play store in Android phone. You have to download the mail from the internet.
  • Search for the Guerrilla mail and it will redirect you to the apk format. You need to download it.
  • After downloading permission to install from unknown sources should be granted.
  • After permission is granted installation is done and one can use the email freely without any form of registration.

Recently there have been some issues with Guerrilla mail and also some controversies. In 2017 the server crashed and has been less functional.

The best thing is you can use Guerrilla mail over and over again and you don’t have to remember about any passwords or any address. Every time you do it will be new.

In short Guerrilla, email is something which one can look forward to as a safe disposable email address which has no relation to the private or personal details so on using this email address no one will get to know the details about the person. It is fully encrypted. The details might be fetched only if they are online for 1 hour after which everything expires. If you are planning on linking up your email id but do not want to share details then this is the best option. It safeguards and prevents from any kind of hack.