How To Install And Use Kodi On Android
How To Install And Use Kodi On Android

How To Install And Use Kodi On Android: Kodi is a free, open source media streaming tool which enables you to play audio, video, or any other digital media file across any format. Through Kodi, any locally stored media can be easily reached. It also has many add-ons which allow you to watch and listen to the media stream available on the internet. Kodi’s open source nature makes it highly versatile and customizable media streaming application. But still, there is also a bit of learning curve.

So, today I am gonna tell you about How to install and use Kodi roku on Android devices. By following these simple steps you can install and use Kodi on your android devices.

Method To Install And Use Kodi On Android Device

How To Install And Use Kodi On Android
How To Install And Use Kodi On Android

Nowadays it has become very easy to install Kodi on your android devices. The application of Kodi is also available on google play store. There is another option of using chromecast to watch the video using Kodi. There are two methods available to make it work. Both the method have their own advantages as well as disadvantages.

Method #1

Firstly you need to install a few apps on your android device. And that apps are- Kodi, LocalCast, and any file explorer like ES file explorer. After that, you have to download an Xmi file named playercorefactory. Now open ES file explorer and go to settings. Now click on display settings and enable show hidden files. After that go to the downloads folder and copy the playercorefactory file. Go to Android – Data – org xbmc Kodi – files – Kodi – user data folder and paste the file.

Now open the Kodi app and play any video. And then Select LocalCast as the app you want to use. Now select chrome cast. Now Kodi video should play on the TV with which the Chrome Cast is plugged in to.

Well, by following these simple steps. You can install and use Kodi on your android device. This is the first method. I hope this method will work for your Android device and Kodi will start working on your device. And if not then also it’s no big deal we have another method to guide you on how to install and use Kodi on android.

Method #2

Well, this method is even much easier than the first one. In this method, we will use screen mirror feature of the Google home app (Previously known as the Google cast app). Firstly you need to open the hamburger menu. And after that tap on the cast screen/ audio. And after that, you have to select your Chrome cast device. And make sure that the device interface should not be mirrored on your TV. Now you shall open the Kodi app and play any video. You will observe that the video will be playing on both the screens.

well, the second method is very much easy to install and use Kodi on Android device. But with this method, a problem is also there. As you can not attend or do any phone call, or you can’t even lock your phone, or you can’t even otherwise use your phone. As the phone’s display has to be on all the time for playing the video on Kodi via screen mirror feature so it many times creates many problems. So, I personally recommend you to avoid this method and go for the first one. Also, this method consumes lots of phone’s battery. And there is no point playing the same video at two different screens. So, better make it simple and enjoy your videos via Kodi on your android device with less and fewer distractions and problems.

Final Verdicts About How To Install And Use Kodi On Android

So, that was all on How to install and use Kodi on Android. Well, Android is most used software nowadays. That is why I feel it is essential to have some amazing apps like Kodi for your android device. So, here is both the two methods. Just go for either of the methods. And enjoy unlimited videos, Movies and your favorite Series etc and that too for free. I hope these methods will work for you. And you will find this helpful. Well, this article will make it clear for you with the complete process on how to install and use Kodi on Android. But still, if any query remaining you can ask it through the comment. We will be really happy to help you. And try to respond to your comment as soon as possible. Thank You.