Electric pressure washers are one of the most essential needs of people nowadays. Pressure washer comes of many different types. Also, there are many companies selling electric pressure washers. One can select the best electric pressure washer. The washer can be selected keeping in mind the needs and use of the consumer.

A pressure washer is a very useful machine for everyone. But the main problem arising is that how to use a pressure washer? Well, you can buy a pressure washer of your choice looking at its features. But it is also important to know how to apply and use that features. So, today I am gonna explain to you that how to use an electric pressure washer. So let us just take a look at it.

First, let us know about the type of pressure washer. And also know how they work.

How To Use An Electric Pressure Washer

Two type of pressure washer and their working

Washing with the best power washer 2018 is so much fun to use. The washer shows some quick results. Using washer is so much fun that you will be begging your neighbor to wash their driveway, sidings and their care as soon as you will be finished with yours. Pressure washers are mainly used for cleaning outdoor objects. So here in this article, I am providing you with the instructions on how to use an electric pressure washer.

The pressure washer is of two types. Electric pressure washer and gas pressure washer. No matter what the pressure washer is running on gas or electricity. Both the washer runs a pump to pressurize water from your garden to 1000 lbs or even more. And thereafter, it forces it through the spray wand.

The higher the pressure will be. The better it will tackle the tougher cleaning job. It doesn’t matter what type of the washer is. It necessarily requires non-stop supply of water. For those who didn’t frequently use a pressure washer, a washer with the pressure range of 1300-2400 psi is suitable.

Now let us just take a look at the steps on how to use an electric pressure washer.

Steps of how to use an electric pressure washer

#1 Start-up procedure

before starting the washer it is necessary to check that the water must be flowing from the wand of the pressure washer. After that following step is to be followed. Firstly tighten all hose so that no air can enter the lines.

To prevent recoil, you must set the hose at low or 0 pressure when the washer is started. Both electric, as well as gas washer, should be on low pressure, wide fan settings. Also, gas washer with individual nozzle tip should have their nozzle tip removed at this time.

Now you have to completely turn on the water faucet at the house. After that squeeze the spray wand trigger to prime the pump and purge air from the system.

Now start the washer. If it is a gas washer,  steady it when pulling the starter cord by bracing your foot against a wheel. Now let the washer run for a minute to warm up. To avoid damaging the pump, you should never use the pump for more than 3-5 minutes depending on the type and model of the washer. While you have to keep the trigger off.

After this, When the washer is running and the trigger is locked ‘off ‘. Now you have to adjust the pressure and spray setting. or you shall insert the nozzle tips in the spray wand. Now the washer is ready to use. You can simply use the washer to clean your cars, roofs, driveways etc.

Many other things are also there like-

  • Power cleaning techniques
  • Techniques for better cleaning with detergents
  • Also, you should know how to maintain your washer
  • But all these things vary from a washer to washer. And these instructions are given in the user manual of every washer. So you can check these from there.

Final few words

That is whole about using a pressure washer. I hope that you would have liked it. Now you can use your washer hassle free. I hope all your problems in using the washer would have been resolved. And if not you can ask anything in the comment section. We will be really happy to clear all your doubts and answer all your questions. Thank You.