Hulu Channels List
Hulu Channels List

Complete Hulu Channels List 2018 : Hulu Plus Channels: If you are looking for the best video subscription service provider then, Hulu is what you need. It is an American video subscription provider service. Here you can watch full seasons and episodes of your favorite TV shows. Since the time Hulu has been launched; it has been quite popular Japan and US. It has all the big channels under its subscription so that it can keep you entertained. Starting from shows and movies, you will get a wide variety of it on Hulu. It has all kinds of genres so; you can watch whatever suits your taste the most. Hulu has some of the best channels under its subscription. You can watch all of them and never miss out on any show only if, you subscribe to Hulu. Also, Hulu provides its services at a very affordable rate. So you can watch your shows and still maintain your budget.

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Complete Hulu Channels List 2018 : Hulu Plus Channels

Hulu Channels List
Hulu Channels List

The Complete List of Channels Available On Hulu

Most people who subscribe to Hulu don’t have the idea about the channels available on Hulu. To help them out we, have compiled a complete list of channels that are available on Hulu. Have a look through it, and you will know:


1. Fox |

For the last 30 years, Fox has served the entertainment world with best of its services. To put it in other words, the entertainment world is incomplete without Fox. The channel offers high-quality TV shows and videos to its viewers. Because of its top quality services the Fox channel has been included in the list of top Hulu channels list 2018. You can watch all your Fox entertainment shows on Hulu. With Hulu, you don’t have to miss even a single episode of your favorite show again. Other than movies and shows, you can also choose to watch Live TV videos on Hulu. Fox entertainment offers a wide range of genre of shows and movies. The different genres may include comedy, animation, drama, FX movies and much more.

Comedy Central
Comedy Central

2. Comedy Central |

Comedy Central is an American cable channel that provides some of the amazing shows to its audience. The channel has now been added to the Hulu channels list. So if, you are a Hulu subscriber then, you can watch all your favorite Comedy Central shows on Hulu. The shows broadcasted by the channel are mostly comedy based. Therefore, if you are more into comedy then, this is the ultimate channel for you. Apart from comedy, the channel also features one of the top Hulu Plus shows. The channel has mainly gained its popularity by hosting the ‘Roast Shows’ where celebrities are invited and made fun off. You can watch all your comedy shows including the Live TV on Hulu.


3. BBC |

If you are more into sports and travel then, obviously BBC is your thing. You can watch all your favorite BBC shows under the Hulu subscription. It is not unknown to any of us that BBC is considered to be the best and the oldest broadcasting organization in existence. No wonder Hulu got the channel under its The channel has been providing entertainment services to its audiences since, 1920. BBC broadcasts more than 40 popular shows every day all across the world. The programs broadcasted not only include sports and news but a lot more than that. You can also listen to songs and radio on the channel. The channel is owned by a British public service broadcaster, and now it is available on Hulu channels list. 


4. MTV |

MTV has always been the favorite channel of people whenever it’s about music. And, now that you can watch it on Hulu channels list, it’s all the better. Don’t you think so? It is obviously known to all that MTV is the world’s most popular music channel. It was started in the year 1980’s and since then it has only grown in popularity. Other than promoting music, the channel is also known for hosting events such as the ‘MTV Music Awards.’ Watch MTV on Hulu subscription and make the most of it.

Cartoon Network
Cartoon Network

5. Cartoon Network |

When it comes to watching cartoons, nothing beats the one and only Cartoon Network. Since the time, the channel has come into operation it has been one of the best cartoon channels. The channel broadcast some of the popular and amazing cartoons shows that even the adults can’t resist watching. Cartoons like Powerpuff Girls, Tom, and Jerry, etc. have all been introduced by them. With all the amazing cartoon shows, Cartoon Network is now a part of the Hulu channels list.

History Channel
History Channel 

6. History Channel |

Yes, even the History channel is now available on the Hulu channels list. Now, you can watch all the History channel shows on Hulu subscription without missing out on anything. Speaking of History channel, let’s not forget that this channel has provided us with some great shows. Most of the shows broadcasted on the history channel are informative ones from which viewers can learn; the channel is a great aid for students who have taken up history as their main subject.

Hulu Originals
Hulu Originals 

7. Hulu Originals |

 If you wish to watch Hulu originals then, you will have to subscribe to Hulu premium. The moment Hulu conquered the market they started producing interesting shows which are only available on Hulu Originals. Some of the famous shows made by Hulu Originals are Mindy, The Path, Project, Casual, etc. you can watch all these shows, the moment you subscribe to Hulu.

National Geography
National Geography

8. National Geography |

Hulu channels list has managed to accommodate even the most popular channel which is National Geography. NatGeo has some of the amazing shows that you can resist to watch. The channel broadcasts shows of different genres which include future, magic, God, science fiction and much more. You can watch all these shows with your family and have a good time when you subscribe to Hulu.



9. CBS |

CBS is one of those channels that have served the entertainment world for long. The channel broadcasts several classic shows which are quite popular with the viewers. Because of its long list of interesting shows no, it’s a part of the Hulu channels list. So, you can watch all the CBS shows on Hulu whenever you want. This way you will never miss out on any of your favorite shows ever again. And if, you are a person who is into classic films then, this is the channel for you. That’s because the channel has some great collection of classic movies. Also, CBS provides high-quality video streaming which can transform your television watching experience.


10. NBC |

NBC is yet another top channel that have made its way to the Hulu channels list. The channel is mostly recognized by people because of its peacock logo. The channel mostly broadcasts different types of TV shows which include reality shows and dramas. It is an American broadcast channel which is a subsidiary of Comcast. Watch your favorite NBC shows and kill your boredom on Hulu subscription. NBC now has a whole lot of new shows lined up for its audience belonging to different genres. So watch it and enjoy yourself.



11. ABC |

ABC network is one of the most entertaining channels that you can come across in the Hulu channels list. In fact, it is one of the trusted and oldest American broadcasting organizations in existence in the United States of America. The channel is best known for its entertaining movies and TV shows. You can check the schedule of the ABC channels so, that you don’t miss out any show or movie. Also, Hulu channel subscribers will be able to watch Live TV on ABC at any time they want. Now, that is what makes the channel all the more worth it. 

Discovery Channel |
Discovery Channel |

12. Discovery Channel |

When talking about informative shows and wildlife, nothing beats the Discovery channel for that matter. It is one of the channels who has only grown into a popular channel since, the time it has been introduced. The channel broadcasts different kinds of informative shows which include culture, technology, nature, animals, science and much more. Discovery Channel first started out in the United States of America. Because of all, it’s popular shows now, the channel is a part of the Hulu channels list. So now, you can watch all the top-rated shows like Man Wild and Survival on Hulu.

Here Is The Full Hulu Channels List 2018

Hulu Plus Networks
ABC News Adult Swim
ABC studio 9 story media group
20th Television 80twelve
Above Average 4k Media
Anyone but me llc AMC
American Pop Classics Animal Planet
Anchor Bay Entertainment Anime Network
Aniplex All3Media
Babyfirst AwesomenessTv
Azteca Australian Broadcasting Corporation
BBc WorldWide Bandai
BBC America BabyTV
Bet Betafilm
Caracol Television Bravo
Broadway Video Bloomberg
Cartoon Network CBS
Charlie Rose Chicago tribune
Cinedigm Cinemax
Clevver CMT
CNBC Cineflix
Comedy Central Comedy Dynamics
Cyber Group Corral 360
Crunchyroll Content Media Corporation
Daisuki Davis Panzer
DCD Rights Deluxe
DHX Media Digital Media Group
Digital Studio Discovery Channel
Disney junior  e- Entertainment
Echo Picture Discovery en espanol
Disney XD Drama fever
Disney Channel Eone Entertainement Distribution
Electric Entertainment Endemol Shine International
Filthy Productions Epix Originals
Fandango  Fox
Food Network Freeform
Fox Movie Channel Fox News
Fox Sports 1 Fox Television Classic
Estrella Tv Frementle Media
Funimation Fuse
HereTv FXM
Hat-trick FX
History Hitfix
HJ Holdings Hollywood Today Live
Iconix Image Entertainment
Hulu Original Series Janson Media
Indigenius Investigation Discovery ( ID )
Kaboom Lionsgate
KCET Live nation
LeanIn Legend Films
Lifetime KBS
Litton Entertainment Keshet International
Los Angels times louiscknet
Manga Entertainment Mojo
MHZ networks OWN
MGM Marvel
Mother Up MPI
MSNBC MyNetworkTv
Music Box films MTV
Nat Geo Wild National Geographic
NBC Nat Geo Mundo
NBC universal NBCU TV
Newsy OhmTv
Nis america Nowthis
NutriVenture Nickelodeon
OraTv Orlando Sentinel
Pajama Publishing inc Questar
Paramount Pivot
Pro Paley Center
Pop WeTv
Quintus Media RT
Redbull Rick Steves Network
Salient Media SBS
Scholastic Science Channel
Sentai Filmworks Showtime free Episode
Shift by MSNBC ShoutFactory
Showtime Sesame Street
SKY Sony Picture Television
Spacerip Stadium Media
Synergetic Sports Illustrated
Sprout Speed racer
TV land Starz
Starz digital Telepicture
Sundance Tv Sunrise
Syfy Syndicado
TBS Sun Sentinel Originals
Stand up to cancer The Escapist
TMS Entertainment Think it up
The Pokemon Company The Three Stooges
Travel Channel The orchard
The New York Times TLC
Toei Entertainment TruTV
Thunderbird  TCD (Total Content Digital)
Tricon Universal Television
Viki WWE
USA Viz Media
xploration Station Walter Lathem( comedy)
VH1 WestWind Pictures
WGN America  Venevision
XiveTv Zodiak Rights
ZDF Entertainment  Warner Bros

So now, you know the different channels that are subscribed under Hulu. If you are already a HULU subscriber then, obviously you know the joy of watching shows on Hulu. But if, you are not then you should give it a try. Hulu provides the best service when it comes to video subscription. The shows and movies that are available on Hulu are all of high-quality. So now, you can watch your favorite shows and movies in HD quality. In short, watching shows on Hulu is a transforming experience. People who are already on Hulu will only know it while others are just missing it.You can also check this putlockers new site thease work same like HUlu, Here you can watch full seasons and episodes of your favorite TV shows check it.



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