Instant Pot Model
Instant Pot Model

Which Instant Pot Model is right for you in 2018: Are you searching for the best instant pot model to buy in 2018? If yes, then you have reached the right place. Here, we will provide you complete details about the best instant pot available in the market.

Explaining Instant Pot Model Names and Numbers

The first model we will be talking about is IP – LUX 60 VX. Here, IP obviously stands for Instant Pot. The next three letters, which is “Lux” stands for functions of the Instant Pot. After this, the number which is “60”, it indicates the size of the cooker.

Here the number “60” is known as a 6L pressure cooker and in the same way, 80 stands for an 8L pressure cooker. Thus, it requires 1L for each person. This means, a 6L can cook for 6 people and 8L can cook a meal for 8 people. After this, version of the pressure cooker is mentioned. Here the version of the cooker is 3.

Instapot Reviews – Which Instant Pot Model is right for you in 2018?

Instant Pot Model
Instant Pot Model

Primary Instant Pot Models

Here, the list of all the main Instant Pot models will be available. Each preceding model has some new features and enhancements when compared with the previous model.

All these cookers consist of lots of functions. The cooker also consists of “manual book” which offers details about pressure cooking time and pressure. Most of the Instapot which comes with pressure function has stainless-steel cooking surface and safety features.


This is Instapot’s second model. It is basically a 6-in 1 multi cooker which can pressure cook, slow cook, steam, make rice, saute, and also keep it warm.

The pot doesn’t have a low-pressure setting. Hence, you will not be able to make yogurt. Also, the cooker doesn’t work with Instant Pot SMART app.


This is the Instapot’s third and the most successful model ever. It is basically a 7-in-1 multi-cooker, hence it can do all the things that lux does plus make yogurt. Instant Pot received feedback from the consumers and added some nice touches like two pressure settings (high and low) and it also consists of little slots in the handles by which you can rest the lid there rather than putting it down on your counter-top.

The duo is not compatible with the Instant Pot Smart app.

SMART + app

It can also be referred as million-in-1 multi cooker. It performs all the tasks which LUX and DUO do plus it offers an informative screen with larger numbers and a programmable app which connects the cooker via Bluetooth. The Smart app guides you with particular temperatures and duration of your recipes in unlimited sequences.

It is one and only pressure cooker in the market which can pressure cooks at a specific temperature continuously. This simply means that a manuscript can be written to pressure cook for y minutes, cook for y minutes, turn off for y minutes and keep warm for y minutes. Hence, you can use any combination anytime.

DUO PLUS: This is the successor of the most popular selling model, the DUO. This Instant Pot performs all the things which DUO does plus offers a “sterilize” function along with “egg” and “cake” programs. The display is fully modernized hence cook can easily identify whether cooker is heating, pressure cooking, keeping warm and if the beeping sounds are on or off. It also stores details about the last cooking time and/or pressure setting.


It provides a completely new interface using a spin dial and enables a detailed level of customization for each program and for new “Ultra” program which is similar to “custom mode” on steroids. It allows choosing the cooking time (1min to 6 hrs), pressure level (low or high), set delay timer, and if “keep warm” engages at the end of the program. Also, it permits to choose any temperature between 104-208 °F. It is mainly a 10-in-1 multi cooker and also possesses pre-programmed times and pressure started in the DUO PLUS along with “sterilize” setting.


GEM is the latest Instant Pot in the family and it is very confusing as well as fascinating. The most annoying about the cooker is that it doesn’t contain any pressure cooking functions. Despite it is a multi-cooker, it can be considered as a slow cooker instead of rice or a pressure cooker. It is basically a multi-cooker which allows cooking to Saute, Slow Cook (two temps), Rice Cook, Bake, Steam, Roast, and Stew.

Choosing a model

If you don’t want to eat yogurt, then LUX is best for you.

If you want to do different experiments along with making yogurt and cooking at low pressure then DUO and DUO PLUS are best for you. Low-pressure cooking is required for making eggs, seafood or pasta.

If you are somewhat familiar with technology and want to cook everything, then SMART will be best for you. It allows you to write a script along with the app to choose temperature/ pressure of cooking, cooking time, etc.

If you want to cook everything and also want to set different cooking time and pressure/temperature setting, however, don’t want to have any trouble while using the app, then Instant Pot ULTRA is best for you.

If you want to update your Slow Cooker and you don’t have any need of pressure cooking, then GEM is best for you.


Apart from models, there are different versions also. Instead of giving a new model name, they make enhancements in previous models with new features and then provide a new version name. Instant Pot starts manufacturing new versions when all the old versions are being sold out. Before purchasing an Instapot always check Instapot review on various sites. Please remember, not all models have different versions. For instance, here we will provide you an overview of the base version of LUX and DUO.

Version 1: This is mainly the first production of the model and denotes that it is the basic model. Truly, there is no version 1, it is mainly a basic model.

Version 2: This is officially the first “version” which they have developed but it can’t be identified externally. The firm has made a partnership with Walmart and it is also recognized with partnership code “-ENW”.

– Allows pressure cooking from 90 minutes to 240 minutes.

– Slow cook temperature modification.

– Turn on/off the sound.

– Disable keep-warm while programming the cooker.

– Remembers previous program settings like time, pressure, and temperature.

– Rest pressure cooker to factory default just by pressing the button.

Version 3: Along with making improvements with version 2, they also modified two buttons on the front control panel adding an “Egg” and “Cake” programs. The buttons don’t provide any extra functionality. They are actually pre-set recommended times and pressure. Here, in LUX V3 egg setting utilizes high pressure.