Kickass Torrent Proxy
Kickass Torrent Proxy

Kickass Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites | KAT Unblocked: KickassTorrents, also known as KAT (abbreviation) was a website that provided an address list for torrent files. It also provided magnet links which aided to the peer to peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. The website was founded back in 2008. KickassTorrent had garnered so much attention and online visits that it had become the most visited website by November 2014. Its ranking was higher than The Pirate Bay website which was another Torrent directory. But just like everything else it too had to see its end, as on July 20th, 2016, KickassTorrent was officially shut down. The domain was seized by the US government, and also its proxy servers were shut down simultaneously around the same time by the site’s staff. But what the general public tend to forget is that the internet is a huge galaxy which is beyond our understanding. So no one can entirely shut down something from the internet because once something is up there it continues to grown and it finally catches a momentum.

[Working] Top 50+ Kickass Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites | KAT Unblocked

Kickass Torrent Proxy
Kickass Torrent Proxy

Naturally, for such sites being shut down, there were mirror websites. So if a user is trying to gain access to such websites that have been shut down, they are redirected to the original websites proxy or mirror sites from the DNS (Domain Server Name). This is why shutting down a particular website or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is hardly of any use. The government of a particular country tries hard to keep these sites at bay buy fortunately these websites have mirror sites. It is an obvious matter that downloading movies for free from the internet is piracy. And since kindergarten we have all known piracy is a bad thing for books said Pirates are villains.

No revenue goes to the government or the makers of a particular visual or audio media which is available online for free from an unauthorized website or online platform. But that is how the world of the internet works these days. No matter how much is done to end this ‘free market’ of movies, series, songs, Ebooks, etc. there will always be a watch guard to create an objection. But to avoid such messy controversies, people usually just opt for the proxy or mirror sites. Two of the proxy sites of KickassTorrents is Kickass Torrent Proxy and Kickass Torrent Unblocked. But firstly let’s have a clear picture of what a mirror or proxy site is.

What is a Proxy site or a Mirror site?

In the world of computer networks, a proxy server meaning a computer system or application is a joint link between the original server and the mirror server or proxy server. Meaning it is an imitation of the original server, not literally. It is because if a user is trying to open or log into a particular website or server which cannot be accessed or is banned from a particular network, then the user is automatically redirected to the mirror sites or proxy sites. From here a user can access to whichever information they were looking for, be it any media (audio, video, etc.). These proxies were created to add formation and sheath to distributed systems. So for users looking for content on the World Wide Web is provided access to IP addresses anonymously, that is blocked. There are two types of proxy servers, first is the ‘open proxies’ and the second is ‘reverse proxies.’ Open proxies are hassle-free as it is a forwarding proxy server which gives access to users of any kind. Whereas a Reverse Proxy usually known as the surrogate is a proxy server which appears to clients as plain and like just another ordinary servers. These proxy servers further direct requests to one or more ordinary servers which take care of the requests.

What is Kickass Torrent Proxy Site?

Since it is mentioned what a proxy site is it is easily understandable that a Kickass Torrent Proxy site is a mirror site or a proxy server to the original website or address. Many proxy servers are redirected from the original kickass server. For users looking to avail to online free media such as movies, television series, Ebooks, audio files, etc. can find their content in these sites. Upon finding which they can follow the given instructions and get their work done. Kickass Proxy is the best alternative available to the users for downloading any media which is available in Kickass Torrent.

How to access Kickass Torrent Proxy?

Accessing Kickass Torrent Proxy is not that big a deal, the process is quite simple if a user follows the simple procedures. A user can access the site by entering the address on a suitable VPN (Virtual Private Network). But sometimes users face certain issues while accessing them because most of the time proxies do not work or are usually blocked. But users who have been there done that can easily access these proxy sites. Every website has a different performance due to different servers when a user is trying to gain access; just following the steps will lead them to their destination.

Listed below are the kickass proxy sites that can be availed to by any user:

  1. unlockproject
  2. video
  3. torrentfeed
  5. sitescrack
  6. net
  7. stream

The list of Kickass Torrent Proxy site is endless. There are various such mirror sites available on the World Wide Web that can be easily accessed by the users.

Kat Proxy / Mirror sites

Sl No. Name Speed Status
1. Very Fast Working
2. Very Fast Working
3. Very Fast Working
4. Normal Working
5. Fast Blocked
6. Very Fast Down
7. Very Fast Working
8. Very Fast Online
9. Very Fast Online
10. Very Fast Online
11. Fast Online
12. Very Fast Not Working
13. Very Fast Working
14. Very Fast Working
15. Very Fast Working
16. Very Fast Working
17. Fast Working
18. Fast Working
19. Normal Not Working
20. Slow Working
21. Very Fast Blocked
22. Fast Working
23. Normal Working
24. Very Fast Working
25. Fast Working
26. Fast Working
27. Normal Working
28. Very fast Working
29. Fast Working
30. Very Fast Working

What is Kickass Torrent Unblocked?

Kickass Unblocked is also another clone server or proxy server that belongs to the original Kickass Torrent. This too is an alternate website which provides a user with all the data and information they are looking for to download. Usually an unblocked site, in this case, the Kickass Unblocked means that there are various proxy sites which are usually blocked by the particular server. When this happens, a user is unable to avail to the original server or the proxy servers. That is when a user must try and gain access to the unblocked servers, like Kickass Unblocked. The sites under the Kickass Unblocked are accessible by any user located at any place. The process is quite simple. A user must be acknowledged about the available proxy servers which are unblocked to be accessible from any place (server).

What happens when you access Kickass Unblocked?

Usually, when a user opens a particular website that is a proxy or a mirror server, a message flashes on the screen that the ISP (Internet Service Provider) is tracking you. It comes with a tagline which states that one must not download any item from the proxy or mirror site unless your IP has been hidden with a VPN. Usually, no action is taken place then and there, but if there is heavy traffic from your IP to the proxy servers then after while they are usually shut down or temporarily blocked. Sometimes these proxy sites are permanently blocked leaving users fuming and all confused. </p.

Listed below are few Kickass Unblocked proxy site names:


Sometimes a user is facing issues while trying to gain access to proxy or mirror server; they find the message which states that their server has blocked the proxy sites. If such an incident happens, then a user can avail to these proxy sites which are accessible from every web server.

How does Kickass Proxy work?

These websites are clone websites of the original sites. They are hosted on a different server which carries a different domain name. Sometimes, such Kickass mirror sites use proxy servers; these proxy servers change the location by alternating the IP address temporarily. These proxy websites are regularly updated to provide a large number of torrent items that can be downloaded by the users just like the original Kickass website did before shutting down. These proxy sites that we find on the web are usually created by compulsive users or torrent (fans) or people who upload media items on the internet to feed off of the traffic and ‘seedings’ (pirates). These websites or proxy servers are designed in a manner which would allow users to access the Kickass Torrent website. Since there are a large number of such websites, one should know that not all of them are working or are unblocked. Sometimes accessing these proxy sites could be a problem as the ISP (Internet Service Provider) are usually tracking these kinds of activities.

A piece of advice for new users:

If you are a first time user of such proxy sites or mirror sites to download items, then be careful about certain things. The first thing you must do is install an antivirus on your computer system. The reason being, not all proxy sites are safe. To have a safe, active session without adding harm to your computer or another digital device, having an anti-virus is a must do. Proxy sites carry a lot of malware and other harmful viruses which could crash your data and entire computer system. So for users, it is better being safe than sorry.

The above mentioned facts shall come handy to whoever trying to gain access to such sites. Whether you are facing an issue or looking for a safe site, the facts above shall guide you and acknowledge you.


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