Read Comics Online
Read Comics Online

Top 15 Best Sites to Read Comics Online Free No Download: Long before the new age internet came into our lives, we had comic books to keep us entertained. The feeling of reading a comic book was and still is a great one. As a child, we were addicted to reading comics. So much was our addiction to it, our parents had to snatch it from our hands and hide it someplace out of our reach.

Every time we went to a bookstore or a fair, the moment our eyes caught the attention of the comics hanging on the thread we our eyes beamed with happiness. Every time we saw the stands filled with colorful comic books all we could think of was how to convince our parents to get us one. This was the story of how the kids back then reacted to comic books. Similarly, the adult version of the story was the same. Luckily adults could get them whenever they wanted to and read it as long as they wanted, whenever they wanted.

There was hardly any availability of free comics because it was a treasure to hold close to the heart. Once in a while when we received it as a gift or a hand me down from our older siblings, it seemed like a boon to us. For us, entertainment meant either goofing around on the playground else sitting home and reading comics. For some reason, the corresponding adults did not find it amusing when we sat down to watch television. But now those days are way past us.

Top 15+ Best Sites to Read Comics Online Free No Download

Read Comics Online
Read Comics Online

Today, in the new age generation where the internet is all we can think of has given us various options to choose from. Entertainment of any kind or genre is available to use at the end of our hand. All we got to do is ‘click.’ Nowadays when people are bored, they hardly think about going to the field, for a walk, hang out with friends or pick up a comic book.

In the new age scenario, all we can think of is the online medium of getting things done. When somebody wants to play, they flip out their phone and play the digitized version of whichever game they are looking for. If somebody wants to hang out with their friends, they simply open their messaging applications and chat with their friends. It is more like hanging out with friends but digitally which is infused with advanced technology. Just like this even when we feel the urge to read some comics we don’t hit the bookstore to get the bestsellers from the stands or buy any comprehensive comic book. We simply open our browser and search for comics online available to us on the web.

The best part is we get to avail all the comics from every aspect of life, comics from the earlier days, everything we need on the web. We do not go bookstore hopping because books these days are a click away. To top it all, there are some amazing websites which allow a user to read comics online for free. This could not have been more blissful to any of us. So today we have brought together fifteen of the best online comic sites. Here, you can read comics online for free without having to pay a dime. Another amazing fact is these comics do not require any downloading you get in and read.

Listed below are top 15 best sites to read comics online for free:

  1. Marvel Comic

The sheer name of Marvel Comics makes head swoon. And by every mean it is among the best of best. The superhero cartoon that we see on the television today had first made their presence felt in the hard copies of this comic. Name one, The Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, etc. every name of a superhero that gives us Marvel comics created goose bumphs. But since the days of hard copy left, Marvel gave us the online service of the comics and made life more bearable.

Marvel Comic
Marvel Comic
  1. DC Comics

The DC Comics company is one of the biggest names when it comes to English language publishers of comics. It is the most sought-after and popular comics brand. So to make things better for all of us, DC Comics released their website where a user can read the comics from the DC franchise. The DC comics also have their personalized application for mobiles devices for users to access to their comics whenever and wherever.

DC Comics
DC Comics
  1. View Comic online

Currently, the View Comic Online is the best online comic site among a huge lot of comic sites. It is widely used and has a great number of followers. The best fact about this website is if by any chance there is a particular comic that is not available on their website you can have it later. All you have to do is request the website for whichever comics you are looking for, and they shall soon upload it.

View Comic online
View Comic online
  1. Read Comic Books Online

The website does not need much of an introduction as their name suggests it all. Users can simply get online and read the comics available here for free. There is no need for downloading. Other websites require premium packages to read exclusive comics, but in this website, reading comics will not be chargeable. It is free.

Read Comic Books Online
Read Comic Books Online
  1. ComiXology

This website is a cloud-based digital platform for distribution of comic websites. Meaning, the ComiXology is a hub of comics, and this website was founded back in 2013. This website can be trusted as it is a part of the Amazon Company. There are thousands of comics available on this website for users to have a gala time.

  1. Manga Rock

The Manga Rock is a website which is widely used. The reason being, the comics are free, and it does not require any downloading. The website is hassle free with a great user interface. Also, there is an application available for mobile devices of the Manga Rock. This enables users to read comics on the go.

  1. Comic Book Plus

If you are skeptical about reading comics online for fear of facing malware and spyware, then this website is the best for you. The website provides a user with free comics. Just login and read. There are also comic which is not of the English language. The website provides free download option for comics which are not available anywhere else.

  1. Astonishing Comic Reader

This website is not much popular in retrospect, but it is an amazing platform to read comics on. This website touted to be among the best sites to read comics online.  This website has its app and also supported on Windows 10 app and as a Google Chrome extension. According to popular belief, the Astonishing Comic Reader is currently the best tool to have for a comic person who loves reading them.

  1. Simple Comic

This tool is available for MAC users. If a user does not prefer using a working comic website, then they can avail to this one. The website provides every comic lover with a dream feature. It is a customizable site. This means a user can customize the settings, themes and filter out their necessities. Also, this website provides an amazing feature where a user can display two to three pages at a time.

  1. Kissmanga

For Manga fans, this website is another one of their amazing sites. Comics on this website are available for free. Also, there is an availability of novels and other story books online for free on this website. Thus, making it a popular place to hang out in. It is one of the best places to read comics online.

  1. Manga Fox

This website used to be known as Manga Zone but was later renamed to Manga Fox. The Manga Fox has their app which is available for iOS users. Users can avail of daily updates and new stories from novels, short stories, and comics. The comics are avail for free on this website. Also, the app is avail for free download on mobile devices.

  1. Manga Freak

Another member of the Manga family is the Manga Freak website which is best known for its comic collection. Comics like Naruto, Bleach, Boruto, etc. are available here. The best part about this website is it allows scanned PDFs and textbooks as for reading to. This website also provides audio books making life much easier.

  1. Comic Zeal

It is one of the best comic readers for iOS users. It has unique features like the two-page mode where comics can be read without interruptions. The user interface is lucid and provides good quality images of comics.

  1. CDisplay Ex

The CDisplay Ex is not one of those regular websites to read comics. This is a Windows program. For comic readers, all a user has to do is download the software and read comics online. The CDisplay Ex tool is available to users in fifteen different languages making it understandable to users of different walks of life.

  1. MComix

This website comes with a good feature which every comic lover wishes for. It is the possibility of customizing one’s page. The MComix tool is currently available for Linux, Windows and there is a possibility of it being launched on MAC too.

These above-mentioned websites were handpicked for the comic lovers out there. Those of you who are new to the comic reading scenario must check these websites out and avail of the best comics online for free.