Spotify Web Player
Spotify Web Player

Spotify Web Player: Spotify is basically an application for podcast, music and video streaming which was founded by Martin Lorentzo and Daniel Ek. Spotify was launched on the 7th of October in the month of 2008. Right now Spotify has almost 157 million users. The application Spotify is owned by a company named Spotify Technology SA which is basically from a place called Stockholm which is in Sweden. Spotify is an application where most of the things are free but has a few limitations and advertisement. It also has a premium service which removes all the limitations and stops showing advertisements. The premium service of Spotify also lets users download songs and listen to it when there is no internet connection.

Right now Spotify is available in most of the places like most of America, most of Europe, New Zealand, Australia and a few parts of Asia. Spotify is working to launch its application worldwide in the near future. Spotify works perfectly on all operating systems like macOS, Windows, and Linux. Spotify works perfectly on mobile devices using Android, iOS, and Windows.

Spotify lets users search their favorite music with their album name, artist name, genre name and even by record label name. There are a lot of pre-existing playlists present in Spotify which are constantly updated and people which users can play according to their mood. Users can create their playlist on Spotify and share it with their friends and family over social media. There are over 30 million songs which the users get access to while using Spotify. Right now Spotify has about 140 million users using Spotify on a monthly basis.

Spotify Web Player

Spotify Web Player
Spotify Web Player

Amongst the 140 million almost 70 million of the users are paid users and are using the premium membership of Spotify. Spotify wanted to be part of the New York Stock Exchange and on 28th of February in the year 2018, they filed for it. Soon Spotify started trading from 3rd of April in the year of 2018.

How does Spotify Web Player work?

Spotify generally posts songs of different artists and their albums on their application and when users stream the song the artist gets 70 percent of the income from the stream. The percentage depends on the artist to artist. There was a huge fuss about artists not getting paid properly after complaining about it. Some of the artists that complained against the policies of Spotify were Thom Yorke and Taylor Swift. After this Spotify wanted to make the artists using this platform happy and announced that songs which are part of Merlin Network or Universal Music Group can be made exclusive for premium members only which made a lot of artists happy.

The basic earing business model of Spotify is freemium which means Spotify is a free application and there are also advance options which come if users go for the premium membership. Spotify ears its money from advertisements and premium subscriptions from users. In the year of 2013, Spotify launched a website and named it “Spotify for Artist”. Spotify generally gets all the content for its application from different record labels and independent artists. Spotify pays royalties to all the copyright holders by giving them a cut of the earning of the song streamed.

Spotify relies on an algorithm that they created which takes into consideration a few factors like the home country of the user and a few factors to decide on the rate of royalty. Generally, an artist gets about $0.006 to about $0.0084 for a single stream. Competitors for Spotify right now in the market are Amazon Music and iTunes. Spotify always encourages its users to use the premium subscription because that helps to increase the quality of music for the users and also helps to remove the advertisement from the website.

Advertisements offered by Spotify Web Player

There is a total of ten different types of advertisements which Spotify offers to the free users of the application. The types of advertisements are:

  • Branded Moments- This helps a brand to tell their story with help of sequential displays.
  • Sponsored Playlist- Here the company gets featured on a very popular playlist.
  • Sponsored Session-A video which gives uninterrupted music service.
  • Video Takeover- A video which plays in between two sons for users.
  • Audio Advertisements- A advertisement break between songs for the users.
  • Display Ads- Clickable images which will stay on the screen for about 30 seconds.
  • Overlay ads- It’s a welcome back greeting to the users with an advertisement.
  • Homepage takeover- Advertisement on the background of the homepage.
  • Branded Playlist- A cover art which is a brand skin
  • Advertisers Page- Any are of the app which will be made clickable and will be redirected to the brand website.

Web Player

Spotify runs on mobile and tablets on an application basis but it also runs in a browser with help of Spotify Web Player. The Spotify web player is basically a player that all the browsers support and help users to play music easily. The Spotify web player helps users to get all the features of the Spotify application without any hassle. Some of the key features of the Spotify web player are as follows:

  • Users will be able to search albums, artists, playlists, and tracks
  • Users will be able to browse the new release option and also the featured section
  • There will be options to edit your own music and create your own playlist in Spotify web player for users
  • The Spotify web player will also help users to visit the individual artist page.

Right now the Spotify web player is working on browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, and Opera. If users use their laptop for long hours in the day, then the Spotify Web Player will come in very much hand for them. In the fiscal year of 2017, Spotify was able to earn revenue of about $4.99 billion. Users can visit the official website of Spotify at Spotify will be completing 10 years of release this October and it is right now one of the biggest music streaming companies of the world.