Top Marijuana Apps of 2018 for Android and iPhone users: In the last few years, there has been a lot of debate running all around the globe to make marijuana legal. Marijuana is known by a lot of different names around the world such as ‘Cannabis’, ‘420’, ‘bud’, ‘Herb’, ‘Pot’, ‘weed’, etc. Now, it has been proven legal around 29 states, some of which include Alaska, California, Washington, Oregon, etc.

Now, weed community is constantly increasing in these states. Weed is used for a lot of purposes such as smoking, vaping, dabbling, and eating. Also, it is consumed through chewing gum, or sprinkling it on tongues using breath spray.

A large number of people are also using cannabis to cook some amazing edibles. Also, the most recent advent in the cannabis growing legalization is the launch of cannabis cocktails. Hence, due to constant support from various communities, there are some wonderful apps launched for weed enthusiasts.

Without further discussion, let’s get started.

Top Marijuana Apps of 2018

1. Leafly

Leafly should be installed on every pot smoker’s device. It consists of more than 750 cannabis strains and they are growing constantly. The app keeps you updated with all the latest cannabis news.

The app allows you to sort trains based on your mood and medical need. It puts it in newest, popular, and A-Z category and provides details review of the flavor, strength and impact. As soon as you find THC for free, you can take help of app’s finder and integrated map for local prescribing doctors and dispensaries.

2. Eaze MD

To use this app, you have to complete a detailed and secure registration process. In the registration process, to set up your account, take a photo of a driving license and upload it. Then, complete the brief questionnaire, and pay a nominal fee of $29 for a medical consultation letter or $49 to get yourself a plastic ID card. After completing this process, you will be able to do a live video chat with the doctor for ‘pain relief.’

3. HighThere!

HighThere is somewhat similar to Tinder, here the app allows you find other people in your area to smoke with and then check out where the things lead to. It has adapted the interface and layout from Tinder. To start with, you have to enter your mood, consumption method, and energy presences, and then it provides you option to swipe right (“High there!”) or left (“Bye there!”) on people it matches.

4. GrowBuddy

As the name suggests, it is useful for all the people who are growing weed in their houses. In states like Colorado, Oregon, & Rhode Island you can legally grow cannabis. The GrowBuddy app helps you to grow weed. It provides an easy option to record all the essential data on ‘feeding of a single or multiple crops.’ The app provides all the details on how to properly grow your plant and helps you to grow a wonderful bud. If you are just starting out with growing cannabis, then check these Marijuana Grow Boxes.

5. Duby

It is one of the best social networks for weed enthusiasts. If you are searching for an app which is secure and allows you to share ‘cannabis activity’ and connect with friends alike, then go for it. The app enables you to post photos as well as videos and connect with users through private message. It also possesses a feature where you can check photos and videos of other users using the swipe-right and swipe-left function.

6. Weedmaps

Weedmaps is the biggest and exclusive cannabis directory and discovery resource on the planet. Using this app, you can check the list of all the dispensaries available in your area. Apart from this, it allows you to locate doctors and cannabis retailers in your area. Choose a dispensary and the app provides photos and prices of complete strains and edibles, reviews for all the users. Moreover, it is the best-rated app on the App store with 4.9 rating from 69k users.

So, these were some of the most popular apps used for weed enthusiasts worldwide. We hope that you liked our list of Top Marijuana Apps for 2018. Lastly, don’t forget to share with your friends and followers.