Many computer users use the Microsoft Windows operating system. Being the most popular operating system, the Windows is very much in demand from the other computer users. Even after the launch of the latest iteration of Windows 10, the popularity of the other Windows versions has not been dropped a bit. Downloading the ISO file of the latest Windows OS is not all you have to do. The main thing you need to activate the operating system is the activation key.

You might be wondering what windows activation key is? Well, it’s a small character encoded code, which is used to activate the official license of the operating system and other software programs. The key is the unique code which can be used only once or the number of times it the user can use. Without the Windows 8 product key, your Windows 8 installation is worthless.

How Do I Activate my Windows?

The activation of the Windows OS is a most important step you’ve to follow the installation. If you don’t activate the windows license using the Windows 8 activation key, then you’ll not get access to all the available features. In this post, you’ll find the steps to activate the Windows License and the list of some working Windows keys to activate the license.

  • Hardware Activation – If the Computer manufacturer has provided you with the licensed version of Windows Operating system, then the activation will happen automatically. The license is activated with the Hardware ID, which is the unique identification of the computer hardware. Once you install the appropriate version on your computer, the computer will automatically activate the license without using the product key.
  • Manual Activation – In the older version of Windows Operating systems, the feature of hardware activation is not present. That’s why you must manually update them by entering the product keys. In this post, you’ll find some working windows 10 product keys and the product key for Windows 7. Here are the steps to manually activate any Windows version.
  1. First, right-click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and then click on the “Properties” option.
  2. In the Properties, you’ll see the details of your computer and the version of installed operating system.
  3. Scroll down to find the Activation Status of the OS. Click on “ActivateLicense” option and enter the appropriate activation key and click “Next”.
  4. Now, the Windows will start validating the key and within a few minutes, you’ll have the activated Windows version running on your computer.

Windows Activation Keys List

There are tons of sites where you can find the working Windows 10 product key to activate the Windows 10 installation. But, most of them are not providing the real keys. Some of them are fake, and some are not working at all. But, in this post, we are sharing some working keys like Windows 8 Activation key and others for your disposal.




Final Words

That’s all we have about the Windows and the license keys. I hope we answered your question “How do I Activate My Windows?” in this article. Just download the ISO file from the official Microsoft site and use these product activation keys to unlock all of the available features.