VPS Hosting
VPS Hosting

If you’re looking for some answers towards managed VPS Hosting, then you might’ve come to the right place to know all about it.

It’s not that difficult to understand though.

VPS Hosting
VPS Hosting

What they are: 

They’re simply systems that can partition a single physical server into multiple of them as if they were all independent.

We say “as Is they were independent” because each one of them are able to execute different processes and applications just like as if they didn’t really depend on any other server.

The main machine receives the name of host machine, physical machine, hardware node or physical server while all the other servers are called virtual servers or virtual machines.

What’s a server?


A server is a computer.

This computer is the one in which the web hosting provider storages all your website’s database and information.

The truth is that, every time an online visit asks for access to your website, your browser sends a request straight to your server and the next thing it does is to transfer all the necessary files via online.

What the VPS hosting service do is provide you with a virtual server that can simulate the actual physical server.

But, plot twist:

The machine is actually shared among several users.

Can all the servers be linked to each other?


They are all independent from each other, in such a way that they don’t even share memory or storage space.

This means that the resources assigned to each virtual server are exclusive or private.

What are the good for?

VPS hosting is capable to give you all access to actual guaranteed resources.  From which you could have full control over without even having to manage your very own server.

The VPS hosting is very good solution for all websites that have from medium to high traffic. It’s also perfect for those websites that have heavy resources and electronic commerce.

In fact, the companies that are expecting fast growth can also benefit from the stability of the service.

If you’re looking for a reliable and enterprise-scale hosting environment at a friendly price, VPS hosting it’s definitely worth considering for you and your website.

Plus, with VPS hosting, you could have the same root level access just like as if you were renting a dedicated server: only difference is that you’d be renting it for a lot less.