Windows 8 Product Keys
Windows 8 Product Keys

Windows 8 Product Keys 2018 for 32 / 64 bit Free: Most of the operating system and the other software up gradation that mainly requires the entry of specific entry of the unique key of products are often called serial numbers during the time of installation. When it’s half the way to the installation of the Windows 8, the user must possess the product key to make the installation continue. The user must also know where the product key is actually located. Most of the time the Windows 8 Product Keys is located in the email that is received by the service user and if it is preinstalled in the personal computer then the user would receive a product sticker on the personal computer along with the documentation. It must be noted here that the user will only be able to find the product key with the help of a product key finder program. Moreover, the product key will only be found when the system has Windows 8 installed in it or the user had entered the product key in some previous installations.

Windows 8 Product Keys 2018 for 32 / 64 bit Free

Windows 8 Product Keys
Windows 8 Product Keys


Windows 8 Product Key ( 32 bit )


Windows 8 Product Key ( 64 bit )





Windows 8 Product/Serial Keys 2018



Finding the Windows 8 Product Key

The Windows 8 Product key can be found with the help of the following steps:

  • In order to find out the Windows 8 Product Key particular software that can be installed is of the name Belarc Advisor. Belarc advisor refers to that particular software which facilitates the finding of the product key with the help of the attest technology. It is fundamentally a program that carries out the audit of the PC that is being run on Windows 8. It must be noted here that the finding of the product key manually in the registry is not possible. Furthermore, a product key finder program that runs on Windows Pro or Windows 8.1 will also run for Windows 8.


  • After running the Belarc Advisor, the product key can be found in the Software Licenses section. It must be further noted here that the Windows Product key is an alphanumeric digit consisting of 25 characters essentially. The 25 characters have been further divided into a group of five characters of five groups.


  • The Windows 8 Product key should be written down while carrying out the reinstallation of the Windows 8 operating system.


  • Furthermore, much care should be taken for transcribing the product key properly as a mistake in regards to a single character will lead to a wrong product key which will further hamper the reinstallation of the Windows 8.

Product key ideas  

If the Belarc Advisor does not work on your computer, then other product key finding tools can also be used like the License Crawler and the Magical Jelly Bean key finder.

However, it must be noted here that a product key finder program might not always work for your computer as this kind of software cannot always facilitate the finding of the Windows 8 Product key from the registry of the system. Therefore, in such a situation there are two choices that can be adopted by the user:

  • The request to replace the product key is a viable option. Furthermore, the user might also consider purchasing a completely new copy of the Windows 8 operating system. The new copy can be easily bought from the online stores which will further facilitate the availability of a new and valid product key.
  • However, it must be noted here that the replacement of the product key is a much more cost-effective method in comparison to the buying of an entirely new operating system.


What is a Product key?

It is Microsoft that has come up with the latest Window 8 to be operated in the computer and is considered as an advanced and upgraded operating system to enable easy working. The most commonly used version of windows after the Window 7 is the Window 8 Serial Key. It is installed with the best and the latest operating system. The major changes that were installed in the version were based on the platform to be used in the OS. It must be noted that the Windows 8 has the latest developed high-quality graphical structures. It is updated with some of the amazing features.  Proper windows 8 activation key can make you enjoy all the facilities without any kind of interruption.

The Windows 8 Product Key is a sort of digital key and is highly required by all OS user when the Window8 is installed the personal computer. It distinctly reviews that the product key has not been used in any other PC other than the terms and the conditions of the Microsoft Software terms. The windows key actually looks like code with 215 numbers somewhat like XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXX.

Enjoying the benefits of the latest version

This to get the opportunity to use the windows 8 without any such severe interruption, just make it a sure deal that you go for buying the complete genuine software of Window 8. There is one added advantage when you go for purchasing the Window 8 Product Key, as the activation keys will help you to work in the editions corresponding to the software of the Window 8.1 Product Keys. This added advantage would make you go for available the service of the latest developed software. You must be judicious enough in choosing the product and the key strictly according to your requirement. You can easily go for the various Window activation keys available online.

The generic version of the genuine software of Windows 8 is solely responsible only for the installation purpose and can serve no other purpose. You must remember while buying the software that the Generic Window 8 is only default keys that comes with the requirement of the user that is provided by the brand Microsoft. It can be efficiently used for skipping the product key for enabling the installation process. The product key is an essential part of the operating system of the computer. The product key acts as a key to the essentialities of the system and should be handled and monitored carefully.