Windows XP Product Keys Free: This article is all about Windows XP Product Keys Free and if you are looking for a free product key then you are at the right place. There will be a lot of Windows XP Product Keys Free available online but finding the right one for your computer is a very hard task. Users need to read this article to learn how to change their product key if they already have the Windows XP installed on their computers. This article also will help all the users in how to activate Windows XP Product Keys Free.

Operating System: Windows XP

Microsoft created the operating system Windows XP in the year of 2001. Windows XP was till date the most used operating system for personal computers. Now that almost 17 years have gone by Windows XP is still very popular. Microsoft has stopped all kinds of support from their end for Windows XP in the year of 2011 but this has not stopped users from not using it. Since Microsoft has stopped working of Windows XP there are no new updates on the operating system since 2011.

Right now it is not possible for a user to update their Windows XP with help of a product key. Since 17 years Windows XP is running it is a very hard work to find the correct Windows XP Product Keys Free. 

Windows XP Product Keys Free



Do users need a Product Key to install Windows XP?

When Windows XP was released in 2001 it has only two types of licensing agreement and till date, the licensing agreement types are kept the same. The two types are:

  • Volume Licensing for Organizations (VOL)
  • Volume Licensing Key (VLK)

If the version the user is using is a copy, then they will obviously notice “VOL” written somewhere in the CD. For that kind of CD, users will not require any kind of Product Key and they can simply install Windows XP without having a product key. If in the Windows XP CD VLK is written, then the CD is a retail edition of Windows XP Operating System. Users definitely need a genuine product key for installation of Windows.

Where will you find Windows XP Product Key?     

If users have an original Windows XP CD and have bought it from a retail store, then they will find a Windows XP Product Key Free with the box. If the CD is not an original copy, there will be no product key available with the box.

How to extract with help of Key Finder Program?

If users are looking for Windows XP Product Key Free, then the first thing they need to do is use the key finder application. For this to work properly users need to at first install the Windows XP in their copy with a stock product key. Once everything is done Windows will restart itself and users need to follow the steps below.

  • Users need to download the application of Windows Finder.
  • Users need to install the application of Windows Finder on their Windows XP.
  • Users need to start the application of Windows Finder and go to the option of “Find Serial Number”.
  • Once users search for the product key in the application they will find a product key on the screen of their computer.
  • Users need to simply write down the key and then paste it into the Windows Product Key option.

Finding a free Windows XP Product Key

If you are not willing to install a Product Key Finder application on your personal computer, then you have another option in your hand. You can simply refer to the internet where you will find millions of Product Keys and you can simply try to use the keys until one of them matches with your Windows XP version. This is a long process of hit and error method but it is the only way out if you are willing to install any third party applications.

Windows XP 32-bit or Windows XP 64-bit

This is the question that everybody asks that whether they should use a product key for 32-bit or a product key for 64-bit. When Microsoft released Windows XP in the year 2001 it released for both 32-bit machines as well as 64-bit machines. Basically, the 32-bit and 64-bit machines are two different computer architecture of the processor. Users who have a 32-bit processor will be able to install Windows XP 32-bit and users who have a 64-bit processor will be able to install Windows XP 64-bit. With a 64-bit machine and 64-bit operating system, the personal computer can handle more amount of memory than a 32-bit machine with the 32-bit operating system. The most recommended version of Windows XP for the users is the 64-bit operating system.

When Microsoft launched Windows XP in 2001 most of the computers that were used were 32-bit machines and very few were 64-bit machines but Microsoft had a vision that soon 64-bit machines will take over all the 32-bit machines and therefore the Windows XP operating system was launched on both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture.

How to find out which version of Windows is running on your Personal computer

If users want to find out which versions of Windows they are using, they need to follow the following steps.

  • Users need to click on the start button on their Windows XP
  • Users need to go to the System option from the start menu
  • Users need to right click on the Computer option and go to properties
  • Users now need to visit the systems option
  • Now users will be able to see what kind of system they have.

If you want to use Microsoft Windows XP and want to activate it, then this article has surely solved all your problems. Windows XP Product keys that are found on the internet are updated at regular intervals and therefore finding a key for the windows version users are using won’t be a huge trouble. The product key will almost solve all issues of Windows XP for the users.