Google AMP For Mobile
Google AMP For Mobile

By now, you’ve probably heard about Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages and would like to add them to your website. Perhaps you’ve seen the lightning bolt symbol and AMP next to Google results when you look for something on a smartphone or tablet.

Don’t Know What AMP Is?

If you’re sitting there wondering what AMP is, it’s an open-source technology Google has come up with that lets you create pages that will ensure a faster loading site when people access them through a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. How is this possible? It’s done by using special HTML markup and several other technical modifications.

4 Reasons You Should Use Google AMP For Mobile

Google AMP For Mobile
Google AMP For Mobile

What does AMP have to offer? It will offer immediate content delivery on a mobile browser in one second or less.

Okay, now you have a better idea of how AMP pages will help your website, it’s time for you to understand why your company should add them.

1. AMP Reduces The Bounce Rate

Have you ever tried to open a webpage on a smartphone browser and it load very, very slowly? It can be impossible to browse the Internet, even with a good Wi-Fi signal, if the page loads slowly. If a user needs to open more than one browser at a time, it can be next to impossible to do anything.

This feeling is what people get when they visit your website that loads slowly – whether it’s trying to order something, reading your current blog post or filling out a form. If it’s not loading quickly, they’re going to leave. AMP will reduce the bounce rate because it leads to quicker website loading.

2. AMP Is Useful For SEO Purposes

You know that Google has certain rules you must follow to ensure high search engine rankings. There are at least 200 ranking factors it uses, and among them is speed. When you have AMP pages, the website will load quickly on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. And, when this happens, Google will rank your pages higher in search results. Not too long ago, Google said it would add pages that use AMP in its Top Stories section of search results.

There are many SEO companies that are making use of the AMP technology to boost their exposure in search engine results. Ege Marketing that started using this technology in its infancy has certainly benefited and attained higher search engine rankings.

3. AMP Will Better The Whole User Experience

AMP offers visitors a better user experience because it doesn’t allow needless features or components to load – ones that could hamper the load experience AMP offers. Your users can easily navigate your website and become involved with the content you have to offer – it’s no longer one big mess.

AMP will cause advertisers to stop and think about the bloated ad technology that has led more people to use ad blockers. AMP does not permit the code that displays these ads. Therefore, a website with a lot of ads will still load rapidly.

4. AMP Offers Analytics Integration

Now, you may be wondering if you can do any tracking to determine if AMP is making good on its promises. Don’t fret! AMP can be used with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and others. AMP will let you track the typical metrics – users, clicks and conversions – whatever information you need to determine if something is or isn’t working.

It’s Time Your Site Gets An Upgrade

As it currently stands, AMP is geared more for the developer crowd, and it doesn’t apply to every single situation for all companies. If you can employ a cheap developer or use a WordPress plugin, do it. Of course, before you do this, you should talk with an SEO consultant or website developer. You certainly don’t want to make any mistakes that will do more harm than good for your company.

Still, it’s time to get ahead of the competition – get going on the upgrade for your website. No doubt that AMP will be in mobile web’s future. Don’t get left behind!