6 Reasons to use a mobile number tracking service for your business

Mobile number tracking can be used to transform business operations by increasing accountability, especially in the marketing department. Integration of this service has seen many businesses rise from ashes to become very promising and profitable after a short period of time. In the business sense, special phone numbers are allocated to different departments. These numbers are tracked to trace the location and evaluate performance.

6 Reasons to use a mobile number tracking service for your business

Personal numbers can also be traced but it would be a breach of privacy if such information is used for corporate operations. Below are some of the reasons why you should use mobile number tracking services for your business?

1. Tracking personnel’s location on the field

Tracking personnel’s location on the field

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You do not have to wait for the end month to do an in-depth analysis to determine which of the worker was not at the right place at the right time. Through mobile number tracking service for business, you can easily see the movements, track their locations and therefore you don’t have to be anxious.

If you are transporting valuable products for your business, you don’t have to worry much about whether the driver will deliver or not. You can easily track the truck from the comfort of your office and do the necessary if there is a breach of trust!

2. Tracking and monitoring multiple devices

Tracking and monitoring multiple devices

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For business operations to be effective and efficient, proper technology with a low workload and high output is needed. In the case of mobile number tracking, multiple devices from different employees can be tracked at the same time using the same device or software.

This reduces the workload as you don’t have to install a software for each device. You can track as many mobile phones as you want from the comfort of your office with your tablet or computer. This allows for monitoring of the employees’ activities and movements on the field.

3. Efficient route assignment

Assigning routes to different employees is very important for the business to reap maximum benefits. Efficient route allocation ensures that there are minimum expenses while the output is maximized. Before assigning the routes, a proper assessment is done. This includes customer viability, fuel cost, insurance cost as well as safety.

Mobile number tracking in conjunction with GPS has enabled businesses to track the locations of their employees by just clicking a button. By doing this, the employees are made to stick to their prescribed routes keeping in mind that they are being tracked and any deviation may attract huge penalties.

4. Employee navigation

Employee navigation

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When an employee is assigned to carry out operations in unfamiliar territory, navigation around the area may be challenging. Using mobile number tracking, such an employee can be guided around either by a personnel in the control room or by updated maps of the particular location. This reduces time wastage as the worker is able to move effectively in a new location.

Furthermore, various risks can be avoided. Such risks include insecurity, bad weather, inaccessibility, and insurance cost. The employee’s location is tracked and he or she can be guided well to the safe and short routes making sure that the delivery is both on time and secure.

5. Enhanced security


Mobile number tracking has been very useful in locating the employees who thought that they were smart enough to run away with business stock. The police can be involved here to track down the culprits for both recovery of the stolen goods and disciplinary actions. This has helped most businesses to recover stolen goods, especially from their own employees.

In this case, the personal number of the employee can be tracked since it’s now a police case. For example, YourNav, an Indian mobile number tracking company can track 6, 7, 8, and 9 mobile number series. When such recovery is done and well reported to everyone in the business, chances are that no one else would dare to do the same!

6. Quality delivery

Quality delivery

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Different mobile number tracking services provide additional features such as displaying warnings and alerts when a company driver drives beyond the allowed speed limit. This has been very important in the transport businesses where strict monitoring is required. When the driver is aware that he/she is being tracked, adhering to the set rules becomes the priority!

This reduces breaking of fragile consignments hence eliminating losses from such occurrences. Quality delivery ensures that your company or business is trustworthy; this increases the number of loyal customers. All these now translate to higher profits!

Final Words

As much as mobile number tracking is promising when incorporated in businesses, it should however not be used to invade the privacy of the people! Only track business numbers that you issued your employees, not their personal numbers! Countries such as the United States of America have some strict laws which should be respected especially when it comes to privacy infringement. If you use YourNav to trace a USA mobile number, you should check the local laws first.

For any tracking that may involve personal details, the police should be involved to ensure both the authenticity of the process and the security of the employees.