9 Tips to Promote Your Brands on the Social Media

Social media has proven to be an important tool when it comes to brand promotion. However, it might be difficult for starters who have not yet built a huge network. With commitment and persistence, it works in the long run. Sometimes your brand may not be represented on the social media the way you want it to be. At this point, you may need to employ the following tips.

9 Tips to Promote Your Brands on the Social Media

9 Tips to Promote Your Brands on the Social Media

Choose the most suitable network

There are social media networks and more are being developed day by day. Being active in most social media does not guarantee that the brand will get your desired traction. Not all social media are suitable for all brands. Your brand might be relevant to one or two social media but totally irrelevant to others.

Here the challenge is to identify the social media platform that can align with your brand’s activities or else you will just lag behind. For example, a construction company branded on Pinterest cannot perform well like a similar one branded on Facebook. If you need to promote your brand using photos and videos, then YouTube and Instagram is the platform for that.

Provide the best and relevant content

Consumers or customers are not interested in bulky and technical information. They always look for what is clear, easy to comprehend and relate with quickly. In the modern era, the attention and concentration span is very minimal hence only short, precise and clear information is preferred in the business world.

Visual content like videos, images, gifs, and clips accompanied by light text would communicate more than a whole page text!  You should ensure that the information you post is concise, accessible and shareable.

Invest in visual Branding

In this case, make sure that your visual representation is consistent across all the social media platforms that you are in.  You need to ensure that your brand logo is the same and your brand colors ought to remain across all the networks. This will make your customers to quickly identify themselves with your brand regardless of the platform that they have seen it.

Example, coca cola, and Nike have logos and theme color that remain consistent in everywhere they are represented.

Involve influencer marketing

Influencer marketing involves getting already-established brands to tag your brand along. Popular bloggers can be used as influencer marketers since they have a large network of websites and followers. Having them to write a blog about your brand will certainly make it popular.

Develop a unique culture

A unique culture for your brand is vital. It should stipulate what your brand stands for. The culture should be known to everyone involved with your brand. The culture is what makes the brandy unique and special. The way you communicate with your audience should be your signature move. You can also develop hashtags that depict your brand whenever they are posted.

Enhance consistency with your posts

Social media like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram provide opportunities for content curation. This is meant to help build control and authority as well as the logical flow of posts which are not self-promotional. This makes it possible to have randomly mixed posts on different topics.

To avoid being lost in this kind of mix up, develop few topics that are at the heart of your brand. Focus on your main area of operation. Example if your brand is meant for electronics, tweet about electronics, not the weather!

Engage in online campaigns and promotions

These campaigns are very effective although they will cost you some cash. Most of the popular social media platforms have incorporated paid ads for brands and celebrities. You can make use of them and trust me, they will make you famous within a short period of time. Furthermore, these promotions create desired and positive impacts on your potential customers.

Regular posting

Regular posting to promote your brand is very important to keep your customers updated. Irregular posting can easily make your brand to easily lose popularity due to high competition from other brands. You should note that regular posting is different from spam posting. Avoid spam posting at all cost because they are very annoying to many customers.

Pimp your bio/profile

Your brand’s bio is the first impression that will hit a visitor to your website or account. Whatever you write there should show what your brand stands for. Avoid random hashtags or unnecessary quotes in your profile. You should market your brand here.

Most brands like SocialGrand have utilized well their bio space. Do not be afraid to write two or three lines about your brand here! Make sure that you promote your profiles to your friends, workmates, and all other acquaintances. Do not assume that since they know you, they know about your brand.

The potential that lies in social media brand promotion is often overlooked since most brands are not well informed of how it can be used to transform them. Well, now you know!