Outdoor Trekking is one of the most popular sports among youngsters. A large number of people living in different nations love Outdoor Trekking. Outdoor Trekking has become popular in the last 4-5 years. People do trekking for various different purposes such as hunting, enjoying, exploring, etc.

Trekking is not as simple as you think. You require a lot of courage to do trekking. But, it is rewarding. There are various reasons to wear shoes and join the 34 million people who hike every year. It is an awesome exercise. There are a wide number of places available in each and every country to do hiking.

Beginners Guide to Outdoor Trekking

Here are some of the points which you should consider for trekking as a beginner. This is not the complete list, however, you can follow the points here for outdoor trekking.


Duration plays a vital role in trekking. You should decide a goal for trekking, for example, to complete the trek within 6 hours. Then carry all the important things which are required in that track. If you are an active person, then you would be able to complete the whole trek within the specified time. The duration of the trek decides what kind of hunting equipment you will require.


Fitness plays one of the major roles in trekking. Any person who possesses a right attitude and perseverance can train and also get fit, you have to make a perfect assessment of your capability. On the basis of this, you can choose the level of difficulty you are ready to face. Please note that whenever you go for a long trek, there will be little or no transport available on the whole route. Hence do an accurate assessment of yourself and your team and then select the trek.

Difference between Hike and Trek

A hike is mainly referred to as walk in a clearly defined path or trail. Whereas, Trek consists of a demanding walk, such as terrain without clearly demarcated trails, demanding map as well as a compass to navigate. Also, there is no access to roads, transport, and medical facilities.

Treks or Hikes are categorized into three different types such as easy, medium and difficult. Here, if a person finds a trek easy than it is mainly dependent on the type of fitness level and its readiness to force themselves further. The difficulty level of a trek is solely dependent on the type of terrain, altitude, and inclines. Weather is yet another crucial factor. For instance, a trek which is easy in summer can become difficult in rainy or winter season.

What are the things needed in Outdoor Trekking?

Following are some of the most important things which you require in Outdoor Trekking for hunting:

1. Hunting Fanny Packs
2. Compound Bow
3. Bow Stabilizer
4. Layout Blinds
5. Binoculars
6. Trail Cameras
7. Hunting Arrows
8. Hunting Boots and other hunting equipment.

Important Tips to select the Trekking Route

How much time do you have?

Can you hike for a couple of hours or for the entire day? Based on the amount of time, you can decide the trek. Also, please consider the total time duration to complete the trekking.

Distance: Think patiently about how much time you can hike simultaneously. An average hiking pace is 3mph, however hiking pace is dependent on various other factors such as elevation gain, weather, and weight you are carrying on your backpack.

Elevation gain: The total amount of elevation gain on a trek will determine the difficulty. With a very little experience, you will come to know the amount of elevation gain which you can handle. In context, if a trail gains 1000 feet in a mile then it is referred as high. In general, for every 1,000 feet of elevation gain, add 1 hour of your trip.

Time of year and weather: Some of the trails will not be convenient in the early spring as they’re covered with snow. If its winter and sun is setting earlier, then plan properly so that you can return back before the dawn. Always check the weather forecast before you start trekking so that you can dress and pack things accordingly.

Logistics: Some of the treks require a detailed planning. For example, if you end up finishing a hike which begins and ends at different locations, then you have to shift cars from start to endpoints.

Most Essential Things to Consider

Please make sure that you are carrying the below-mentioned things. This list consists of gear and clothing, which hikers should carry in their trek. The list also consists of items for navigation, sun protection, insulation, illumination, first aid, fire, repairs, etc.

Hiking Footwear

Footwear is one of the most important things you will select during trekking. Here, lightweight shoes are suitable for well-maintained treks and sturdy boots are suitable for rugged trails.

What to Wear

Always select a clothing which is made up of quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabrics like wool or polyester. Depending on weather conditions, carry other things too.


If you are going on a short trek, then you can carry a backpack having 15-20 liters of capacity. However, if you are going on a long trek for a few days, then you must carry a backpack having a capacity of 30 liters and more.

Food and Water

If you are a beginner, then you should carry enough of food and water. A general practice is to eat 200-300 calories of food every hour and drink half a liter of water every hour. However, the amount of food and water to take is dependent on the hike, weather, sweat rate, body type, etc.

First Aid: Always carry a first-aid kit with you during hiking. You should have information about how to use it.

Apart from this, you should also carry the things listed below:

1. A traditional paper map, in case you run out of battery.
2. Compass and learn how to use it.
3. GPS Tracker, this can either be on your phone or as a handheld device.
4. Plenty of fresh water.
5. A bottle filled with hot drink.
6. Snacks as well as high energy filled foods.
7. Camera to capture beautiful surroundings (Optional).
8. Torch & Power Bank.
9. An emergency kit consisting of bandages, plasters and heat-retaining blanket.

After carrying all the important things, you can start your adventures trek.

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