If you have a Dog, then it is a very big responsibility along with lots of fun. A lot of people all around the world like to keep a dog at their home. There are various breeds of dogs available in the market. Hence, you might face difficulty in treating a specific dog. In order to resolve your issue, here we will provide you with the list of best apps and things you need to take care off.

Firstly, we will provide you with a list of important apps and then we will provide you with a list of important things.

Must have Apps for a Dog Owner

1. iClicker (iTunes) and   Dog Clicker Training (Play Store)

Clicker training is one of the most amazing ways for operant conditioning. Users report that this technique is quick and effective as compared to treats.

Both the apps contain detailed tutorials, but the main purpose is that the app will play a sound of doorbells to assert certain kind of behaviors.

2.  BringFido (iTunes)

At times you face difficulty in searching for a dog-friendly hotel, parks, beaches, and other spots. Using this app, you can pet size, breed polices and also find a hotel which doesn’t have a pet fee. Lastly, you can book the hotel instantly from the app.

3. Pet First Aid American Red Cross (iTunes and Google Play)

If you possess a dog, it really important to have basic information about the first aid kit for your dog. Using this app, you can check symptoms and watch videos to handle basic emergency situations.

Using the app, learn first aid steps, early warning signs of an injury, pet health, and safety. In case of emergency, the app gives details about the nearest pet care hospital or arrange a vet appointment.

4. Whistle (iTunes and Google Play)

Using this app, you can track your pet’s location and heart rate anywhere, anytime including wearable collar devices. It allows you to track various things. Also, you can add friends and family members.

5. Rover (iTunes and Google Play)

As per app’s details, more than 50 thousand background-checked pet sitters and dog walkers are available on the app. In the app, you can get nearby caretakers, pay them securely and receive photo updates. Also you can easily get in-home dog boarding, dog walkers, etc.

Must have things for Dog Owner

1. Collar & Leash

Your dog should have a collar & leash the day you bring it home. A collar contains details such as the dog’s license and identification tag that contain your name and phone number. A collar should be attached to the dog’s head, which is useful to awaken the dog.

2. Crate

It is a place where you can monitor and train your dog. Also, the dog will feel safe and comfortable at this place. Most of the dogs get a calm and familiar feeling when they are placed in a crate. Hence, purchase a crate which is good for your dog.

3. Food and Water Bowls

As soon as you bring your dog home, make sure you have a lot of food, bowls for kibble and fresh water. You can go with any kind of ceramic or stainless steel dishes, plastic crocks or glass bowls.

4. Food and Treats

It is important that you give a treat to dogs. But remember, you should not provide too much treat, which will be harmful to the dog. You should feed the dog as per needed energy and nutritional needs. In order to purchase best foods, treats, essential things for you dog, you can go with wireless dog fence.

5. Grooming essentials

It is very much important to take care of a dog properly. If you groom them properly, they will look wonderful. Some grooming essentials include blow dryer, comb, conditioning spray, nail clippers, shampoo, and conditioner, etc.

Hence, these some of the most useful apps the things you should have if you have a dog.