Lucky Patcher App
Lucky Patcher App

Not everyone is familiar with the Lucky Patcher. Some people might heard the name but didn’t take the risk to use it. There is lots of talk among people about this app but only a few know its value. In this article, you will find what lucky patcher does and how useful it is for you. You will also come to know that whether the app is safe to use or not?

In today’s world, customization has a made a special place in technology. People want to do things in their own way. Imagine if you will be able to manipulate apps on your own? This is what lucky patcher app does. It allows you to do some impossible things that a user wished to do so. Whether it’s removing the license verification or modifying the permissions asked by the app. The lucky patcher will help you in any manner as it can. You can also remove Google ads and even unlock paid apps for installing on other devices.  Firstly, it checks what apps are installed in your device and then delivers the actions you can perform.

Lucky Patcher App
Lucky Patcher App


Lucky patcher comes with interesting and useful features. Some of them are quite surprising. The most surprising feature which gained our attention is none other than unblocking paid apps. It’s unbelievable but true. Other features of this app include backing up apps installed in your device and storing them in the memory card, restricting activities, stopping annoying ads from showing when using an app and many more which you will explore while using it.

How does it work?

How Lucky Patcher App Works?

No doubt, it works quite well on any device, but the only requirement is that the device must be rooted. There are few popular apps like Kingroot and Towelroot which root your device without any prior experience. However, it was in the previous version of the lucky patcher. In the latest version, rooting isn’t required but, yet you must root for enjoy all the extra features that are only supported by the rooted device.

Lucky patcher shows you the list of installed apps along with the operations which can be performed with the app. It provides color codes showing the changes compatible with the device. 

Green: It means that the app can be registered and disconnected from Google Play.

Yellow: It tells that there is a specific patch available.

Blue: Includes Google Ads.

Purple: A system start-up app.

Orange: A system app.

Red: Red is the sign which says that app can’t be modified.

Many of the features are completely illegal and this is the reason why people feel uncomfortable to use it. Moreover, all Apks are not stored directly as .class or .java files. They are stored as the .dex file which can’t be changed. Lucky patcher access this code and change or remove. Also, it accesses Androidmanifest.xml file and changes it. Nonetheless, it is not clear that how it functions. 

Is it really safe?

There is no issue in using Lucky Patcher. It is completely safe to use. Sometimes there is an issue like data loss, but it has been fixed in the latest version.  It doesn’t matter if your device is android, iOS or windows. Lucky patcher is available for all major platforms. As we know, it does illegal activities so app developers don’t recommend it. There is no proof to tell that this app contains malware. It is advised to be careful while patching. You might face issue while dealing with a particular application.  Also, back up data before using Lucky patcher or else you will lose some of your important information.  Lucky patcher works fine with all the devices through just like other apps, it also contains few bugs results in problems like restarting loop, unstable system etc.

Guide to install in your android phone

  1. Firstly, download Lucky Patcher for Android from a trustworthy site.
  2. Install Lucky Patcher Apk file on your device. Enable installation from unknown sources.
  3. Launch Lucky Patcher and give access to root. It will show the list of all installed apps and game with “Custom Patch Available”,” License verification found”, etc. written on it.
  4. Tap on toolbox followed by Lucky Patch to Android. Select first three options and tap apply. Your device will reboot. After rebooting, open Lucky Patcher again.
  5. Tap on the app or game you want to modify and select “Open menu of Patches”. Tap on the desired item and remove license, verification etc.
  6. Now tap on Apply and wait a few seconds. You are done.


Lucky patcher is the best tool to do some illegal things. It would be better to say that it is the best way to customize and manipulate apps as we mentioned in the beginning. Install this in your device without being worried. Hope your doubts related to lucky patcher has been clarified.