iOS Apps for Investing in Mutual Funds

iOS Apps for Investing in Mutual Funds [MF]If you want to save and grow your money in the medium to long-term, mutual funds are one of the best ways to do so. There are various schemes and plans available in the market for the mutual fund investor to choose from. Seeing the gaining popularity of mutual funds, many mutual fund houses have launched mutual fund mobile applications.

But with so many apps in the market, there is a huge confusion regarding the best ones. Which are the ones which the investors can use to view their accounts, make payments if SIP on the go? Here in this article, we have cut short the chase for the investors by compiling some of the best apps for mutual fund investment.

List of iOS Apps for Investing in Mutual Funds [MF]

iOS Apps for Investing in Mutual Funds


Investica is one of the best mutual fund apps for investing your money in mutual funds and stocks. It is an efficient, quick and a convenient app which allows the investors to handle their investments on the go. It gives you daily NAV updates on MF NAVS and also the investors’ portfolio performance which allows the investors to plan and invest effectively.

With Investica, there is zero paper involved so that you can sign up and start investing online. They provide you a SIP calculator for each scheme so that you can gauge your expected returns and begin your SIP investment. It will also give you an intelligent portfolio analysis and insight for better Mutual Fund Returns. As far as the security is concerned, it is protected with an A+ SSL certificate and a 256-bit encryption. Also, it will recommend you the best of schemes from over 2000+ mutual fund schemes to invest in.

This is a very simple app for investing your money in mutual funds. The features are really helpful and easy to use. With its smooth interface, Savart app allows you to start an investment with as low as 10 rupees. Savart also helps you invest in ELSS mutual funds to get tax exemption under section 80C.

Go paperless with Savart app and also save transaction fees with the app. You can now open a demat account, invest in stocks and shares that too from the mobile phone without having to visit in any bank. There are auto and manual modes available in the app. The auto mode helps the beginners to make the investment in mutual funds. The app overall places an opportunity for people with no knowledge or interest in investments to make money smartly while allowing experts to conduct their investments with ease.

  • GoMF

This app has made transacting in Mutual funds easier and seamless to benefit all the stakeholders.  The GoMF app allows you to transact in mutual funds on the move, anywhere and anytime in any of the participating Mutual Funds.

Using the MFU, you can open a Common Account Number (CAN). Mutual funds investors have the option of viewing their holdings in all the participating Mutual Funds. Along with this, you can transact in multiple Mutual funds in a single order.

  • myCAMS

The myCAMS app is a smart way to transact in Mutual Funds. The key features of the myCAMS app include the single viewpoint of your portfolio, open new folios, purchase, redeem, switch or set up SIP and stay updated on your investments across mutual funds. The app is completely secure and does not store any information on your SIM card or device.

Also, it is the winner of the best financial app award at GMASA for two consecutive years since 2015. There is a single gateway to access your investment across multiple mutual funds through a single gateway. Now there is no need to manage multiple PINS, folios numbers, and login ids.


The Axis Bank Mutual Funds launched an app called Easy App for investors to carry out investment transactions anywhere and anytime. Using the Easy App you can purchase, redeem, switch and also start SIP using internet banking.

Also, the users can schedule their mutual fund transactions to be carried out. There is a feature of instant redemption for liquid funds. You can set a transaction as your favourite if you wish to. Also, you can request for account statement or capital gain statement. If you are already a user of the Axis mutual fund with an easyInvest ID, then you need not register. You can log in using your easyInvest ID and password. The app has a really simple and easy to use interface for the investors so that they can easily invest their money into funds and stocks.

  • FinGo

The FinGo app for investing in mutual funds is another great app for investing your money in funds and stocks. The app is loaded with a variety of features and options for the investors to invest in mutual funds.

Using the FinGo app the investors can transact, purchase, redeem and switch between various mutual fund schemes. You can also view your ABSL Mutual Fund investments on the go. The app also gives you the indices of the BSE and NSE that gets updated in the market. You can analyze your NAV and dividend value of ABSL Mutual Fund schemes.

  • KTrack

The KTrack mutual fund app has made investment easier for the investors. The KTrack app enhances user experience with all the new services and transacting capabilities. Not only this, you can log in using your Google or Facebook account. If you want to you can also link your family folios for single portfolio view. You can know your transaction status any time on the go.

The simple and smart interface of the app has made it really simpler for the investors to put their money into stocks and funds.