Nintendo 3DS Emulator
Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android, IOS, and PC [Download & Installation Guide]: To begin with, not everyone knows what an emulator is, what it does and how it is useful to us. So basically, an emulator is hardware or software that enables a computer system to behave or enact like a different computer systemIn computing, an emulator, in general, enables the host computer system to run software or use secondary devices designed mainly for the guest computer system. The term emulation refers to the ability of a particular computer program in various electronic devices to emulate or act like another program or device. For example, a hardware emulator, it takes the form of a hardware device it is hosting in its system. Like the DOS-compatible card which is installed in the 1990’s era Macintosh computer systems, like the Cetris 610 and Performa 630. They are allowed to run personal computer system software programs, an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) based hardware emulators. The benefits of using an Emulator are:

  • It provides a better graphics quality than original hardware
  • It reduces labor hours.
  • It allows software to work exclusively on a particular computer
  • It provides additional features which original hardware’s do not possess, etc

Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android, IOS, and PC

Nintendo 3DS Emulator
Nintendo 3DS Emulator

What is Nintendo?

The Nintendo Co., Ltd. is an international customer electronics and video game company. This Japanese video game company is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. The company was founded on 23rd of September in 1889 which is 128 years back, by Fusajiro Yamauchi, when video gaming was still not a reality. Originally the company created handmade hanafuda playing cards. It began with many small business ventures like love hotels and cab services. But today it is one of the largest video games company in the capital market of the world. It is best known for its top-selling and most popular video games such as Mario, The Legend of Zelda and the most trending online video game, called Pokemon. It is the most influential company in the video gaming sector and is Japan’s third most valuable company with a market value of over $85 billion. Major products of the company for home consoles are the Color TV Game, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Game Cube, Wii, Wii U, and the Nintendo Switch. And major products for handheld consoles by the Nintendo company are the Game& Watch, the very famous Game Boy, Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 3DS.

What is the Nintendo 3DS?

The Nintendo 3DS, produced by Nintendo, is a game that is handheld and was released on February 26th in the year 2011. The device is capable of exhibiting stereoscopic 3D special effects without the user needing to wear any 3D glasses or any other additional accessories. The new Nintendo 3D offers new features such as the SpotPass tag modes, augmented reality, Virtual Console, StreetPass, etc. unlike the older versions. It allows the users to download and play games that were previously released on the older video game.

CITRA, the first Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Citra is the first Nintendo 3DS Emulator which was developed by Citra Team. The name was derived from the model name of original 3DS, CTR. It was created in April 2014 and the first commercial game to run by it was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. This emulator was developed in the advanced C++ programming language. The Citra Nintendo 3DS Emulator is capable of running almost all types of homebrew and commercial games. Here the term Homebrew is applied to the video games or software’s which are produced by consumers to aim at proprietary hardware platforms which usually has hardware restrictions. This kind of hardware’s is not user programmable or user-friendly and does not use proprietary storage methods. Now coming back to Citra Nintendo 3DS Emulator, it is an open source 3DS emulator which is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. By 2015 Citra Nintendo 3DS Emulator could boot Pokémon games. The same team which had created the Citra is on their way to create the first Nintendo Switch emulator, calling it Yuzu.

Above mentioned facts is detailed information about what Nintendo 3DS and an Emulator are. So it should be easier to understand the work process of it and how it should be used. The Nintendo 3DS Emulator is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC.

Listed below are Top 10+ Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator

  1. NDS Boy – The NDS Boy, is one of the best Nintendo 3DS Emulator applications for Android,
  2. NDS4droid – the NDS4droid is among the popular Nintendo emulators and is available for free on Google Play Store and Android App Store.
  3. Ultimate x3DSX Gold – This emulator is compatible with all the versions of Android phones and converts the user’s phone to a game console.
  4. Drastic DS Emulator – This emulator is a fully customized emulator compatible for playing Nintendo games on Android
  5. MY Boy – This emulator is free and available on Android Appstore, it is effective in removing annoying ads.
  6. ASE DS – it is the top Nintendo 3DS Emulator for android phones. A user can play all types of DS games on it.
  7. Desmume – it is an old emulator made for Windows operating system, but it also comes with advanced tools and features.
  8. Citra – Citra is one of the best emulators for Pc, which is compatible with both Windows and MAC.
  9. iDeaS – It is known as the best Nintendo game emulator for Open GL.
  10. NeonDS – The NeonDS is another good emulator for Nintendo games on PC.
  11. 3DMOO – This is a good Nintendo 3DS Emulator for playing games on PC and MAC.
  12. R43DS Emulator – It is one of the most powerful emulators and is used by a large scale of users. It is used to play video console game on Windows.

The above mentioned Nintendo 3DS Emulators are the top 12 best video game emulators available in the digital market. A user can choose to play Nintendo games on their Android and iOS devices with the use of these emulators and can avoid getting a gaming console.

Now we shall discuss how to download and install the Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Android, iOS, and PC.

Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android: Download and Installation Guide

Follow these simple steps mentioned below:

  1. At first download the Nintendo 3DS emulator from the Play Store application on your Android phones.
  2. Secondly wait for the file to be downloaded, when completed, go to the downloaded file location.
  • Thirdly, when you get to the file location, open the file and choose to install it.
  1. When the installation process is complete, tap on the Run option of the Nintendo 3DS Emulator on the Android app.
  2. When the above steps are completed, you can adjust the settings by your choice.
  3. Lastly, after the process is over, open Android Play Store and download whichever Nintendo games you want to and play.

The Nintendo 3DS Emulator supports popular games such as Mario Kart, Anime Crossing: New Leaf, Super Smash Bro, etc.

Nintendo 3DS emulator for PC: Download and Installation Guide

Follow these simple steps mentioned below:

  1. At first, download the Citra Emulator for PC from the official site of Citra.
  2. Secondly, locate the downloaded file by double-clicking on it and open the exe. File Setup.
  • Thirdly, open the file and choose the install option and then click on the ‘Next’ button and accept the add-ons, terms & conditions, etc.
  1. After the process of installation has been completed a shortcut icon of the Citra emulator shall appear on the desktop.
  2. Fifthly, when the process is over, you will have to download Bios and then install it similarly.
  3. Lastly, when all of this has been completed, you can download a game and navigate to the.3DS ROM and then commence the game.

The only drawback faced by the Citra emulator is that it needs its graphics chip. It should be compatible with OpenGL 3.2 and with an i5 or i7 processor for better performance.

Nintendo 3DS emulator for iOS: Download and Installation Guide

Follow these simple steps mentioned below:

Before commencing the download and installation process of the Nintendo 3DS Emulator, make sure your iOS device has been updated to the latest software version available. Mandatorily it should be 9.0 version or later to run the program efficiently.

  1. Firstly, download the Nintendo 3DS Emulator which is available on the App Store for iOS.
  2. Secondly, when the download process is complete, go to the emulator file and click on it and the file shall be installed automatically.
  • When the installation process is complete go to the Settings app of your iOS device and choose the General option. Then go to the Profile or General option, and then follow it by Device Management.
  1. When you locate the label “Guangdong,” click on it, and the ‘Trust’ option will pop up. Click on the ‘Trust’ option.
  2. Lastly, when the entire process of downloading, installing and granting permission to the app is completed, you can move on to the AppStore application on your iOS device.

From here you can download and play whichever Nintendo games are available for iOS.

To conclude, the Nintendo 3DS Emulator is a very useful software/hardware that has made gaming easy. It can be frustrating for a gamer not to be able to avail to a lot of popular, fancy games. But with the help of these emulators, gaming has become easy and doable for Androids, PC, and iOS alike.


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