Salesforce Admin ADM-201

Sales are the most important part of every company because this is what helps companies to grow. The companies hire top marketing experts to place their products in the market, but these specialists cannot generate desired results in the meantime.

This is where companies start looking for different alternatives that can help grow their sales. This is the situation where SalesForce appears as a great alternative by providing the access to a great platform that companies can customize according to their needs. No matter how many customers you are targeting, you can simply accommodate their needs with the help of the SalesForce platform.

The only problem that companies face after access to this platform is that they cannot customize it accordingly to their requirements and they find themselves completely helpless. However, the SalesForce has provided them with a solution by introducing different certifications for the individuals that are willing to get these jobs.

SalesForce ADM-201 is one of the major certifications that individuals can obtain if they want to hold this job position. Today, we are discussing some details about this certification and we will discuss the details about other certifications in our future articles. Here is the detailed information about SalesForce ADM-201 exam.

Salesforce Admin ADM-201

General Overview of SalesForce ADM-201 exam

SalesForce ADM-201 exam validates your ability to describe the components of the company profile, identify the steps to set up and maintain a user troubleshoot, common user access and visibility issues. It also deals with the ability to explain various organizations security options and apply the appropriate security control measures.

The candidates for this exam should have the ability to maintain a Salesforce organization using the current version of the Salesforce features. The candidates should have six months or more experience as a Salesforce system administrator.

Reasons to become SalesForce ADM-201 certified

The reasons to become a SalesForce ADM-201 certified are clearly visible to everyone. There is enough room for growth and the demand for hiring these individuals is continuously increasing. The companies are always in the need of boosting their sales and they cannot risk their business by putting it in the hands of inexperienced individuals.

Therefore, they are now willing to hire the specialists that can handle their Salesforce account for them. And they are willing to pay a huge amount of money to these professionals because this is how they can grow their business significantly.

How to become Salesforce ADM-201 certified?

In order to become Salesforce ADM-201 certified, you have to pass the relevant exam. The information about the test is available on the official website of Salesforce. All the needed resources for preparation are also available on the internet. Make sure that you properly use these resources before appearing in the exam.

Salesforce ADM-201 exam details

SalesForce ADM-201 exam is going to test your skills in various categories, mainly of how SaleForce works. There are 60 multiple-choice questions that supposed to be completed within 105 minutes. The best thing about this test is that 5 unscored questions are also included in it. You’d have to score at least 65% marks in order to pass ADM-201 exam.

The registration fee for this exam is $200 and if you could not pass the test on the first try, you’d have to pay an additional $100 to retake the exam.

Tips for passing Salesforce ADM-201 certification exam

Most of the candidates believe that the text resources that available online are enough for preparation and passing the exam. And that’s the major problem due to which a huge number of candidates cannot pass the test. We believe that the practice tests are very important if you actually want to get the certification.

Our previous experience says that the candidates that use the practice tests score more points than the other candidates. There is a wide range of practice tests you can use to test your skills from different angles. We believe that is the best application that people can use to prepare for the exam and get an insight of what to expect for the real exam.

VCE exam player provides you access to a wide range of features and allows you to customize the test according to your skill level. Thus, you can practice your skills as many times as you want. These practice tests will help you to get used to the atmosphere of the actual exam.

Are Salesforce ADM-201 exam dumps helpful?

Yes, they are useful. Still, there are people who will tell you to stay away from the exam dumps. And that also will be correct, in case, you are going to use exam dumps as the only source for your preparation. The secret is to use all these braindumps as an extra resource to your exam preparation list. Find all the ways available for exam preparation from guidebooks to online courses, choose those that suit you most and prepare from After having an efficient background and being confident that you are ready for the exam, revise the learned material using Salesforce ADM-201 exam dumps. You will definitely find it helpful while taking the certification exam.

Top web resources for Salesforce ADM-201 exam preparation

In my opinion, the official website of Salesforce is the perfect option for those who want to prepare for the exam. However, if you need some additional help, you can simply use the courses available on Udemy, PrepAway or CBNuggets.


The Certified Administrator certification is a great opportunity if you want to grow your skills and income. The resources for the exam preparation are also can be easily found. Most important of all, this certification is easier compared to the others. So, if you have decided to take this certification, you must go for it. Good luck!