Samsung Gear S4 News, Release Date, Price, Features, Specification & Apps: Samsung is one of the renowned brands when it comes to mobile phones. Half of the mobile market today is occupied by Samsung. This pretty much gives us the idea of how great the Samsung phones are. However, in today’s time when other companies like Apple are constantly coming up with new technologies every day, sticking to the manufacturing of only mobile phones is not a good idea. Therefore, Samsung too joined the race of manufacturing stylish gears that can be used with your phone.

In the past years, Samsung has already released some of its best gears which have completely blown the mind of its users. But you see in this world of cut-throat competition there is no stopping to innovation. Samsung is one such company that loves to surprise the world with its latest innovations in gadgets. The very proof of it can be seen in the new Samsung Gear S4 which is rumored to be launched in the market very soon. Today, in this review guide we are going to explore the in and out of this very stylish Samsung Gear S4. For the ones who are eagerly waiting to grab one of this should definitely go through this review once in order to know the details of the gadget.

Samsung Gear S4

Samsung Gear S4
Samsung Gear S4

Samsung Gear S4 is the latest invention of Samsung which is soon going to be released to the market. Gear S4 is the successor of Samsung Gear S3 which was a great hit. There are so many questions that need to be answered. What to expect from this latest Samsung gear? What’s going to be new in it? Is it better than Samsung Gear S3? What is the release date of Samsung Gear S4? What is the price of the Samsung Gear S4? Well, in this article we will be answering all your questions.

Samsung Gear S4 is rumoured to be released later in this year. Till then, you need to hold your patience. Speaking of Samsung Gear S4, yes it is obviously going to be way better than its predecessor which is the Samsung Gear S3. You can expect new exciting features which were not there in Samsung Gear S3. You see innovation is the key to success. Companies such as Samsung has to come up with something new with each of its upgraded products in order to hold its position in the market and Samsung Gear S4 is the latest example of that very fact. According to sources Samsung Gear S4 will be released alongside Galaxy Note 9 at a Samsung Unpacked event in New York. However, this can be a rumour as well. No matter when it is released the Samsung customers are really excited for their latest buy.

Samsung S4 Gear: Design

Well, there are several rumours surrounding the design and display of the new Samsung Gear S4. Since the time the news of Samsung Gear S4 has been released people are eager to know about how it’s going to look like. One thing is for sure that it is going to be the best gear so far.

According to a source, Samsung is planning to launch the gear S4 in two different sizes. This is to ensure that people with smaller wrists to get a perfect fit. Therefore, you can assume that one will be a regular fit watch while the other one will be for people with smaller wrists. This is really thoughtful of Samsung to launch two different sizes of the gear. Now moving on to the colour of the gear S4, it is heard that the watch may be launched in three different colours i.e. silver, black and gold shades. However, the gold colour will be available in only one of them i.e. wither black and gold or silver and gold. Well, that seems to be a pretty attractive mix of colours for a watch.

There is also news that the new Samsung Gear S4 is likely to be released in two different versions i.e. a dressy split and a sporty one. The idea is similar to that of Samsung Gear S3 which was released in two different versions, Gear S3 classic and frontier. From this, we can conclude that Samsung likes to follow its tradition of releasing two versions of its same Gear or it would be smarter to say that it is a very shrewd marketing move. No matter what the reason is the users are surely going to love it.

Moving on to the design of the watch, there is very little information on that. However, we can assume that the display of the watch is going to be 1.3 inches as the company has released most of its previous watches of the same size. The strap of the watch is going to be for comfortable and ideal for exercising. But there can be other options as well such as a leather strap for more stylish occasions. Other details about the design include the display that is expected to be built into the bezel. The previous version of the watch already had a large bezel so, adding a display could be the next move but, again it is only a rough guess.

According to a patent for an upcoming Samsung watch, the strap of the Gear S4 may be equipped with battery tech. It is expected that the company is likely to include batteries in both the parts of the strap and they have been actually experimenting this with various strap materials such as rubber, leather, and polymer. Speaking of straps, well Samsung has been long trying to design curved and flexible screens for its users. This may extend the idea to a watch strap.

The last thing that has been heard about the design of the new Samsung Gear S4 is that there can be a third colour option which is likely to be launched later in this year. All the previous watches of Samsung has been launched in black or silver but according to sources this time there could be a third colour choice for its customers. This too will include a shade of gold.

Well, that’s all for the design and the display about the latest Samsung gear S4. Until and unless it is being released we cannot be very certain about its actual design. But we can definitely expect the best from Samsung.

Samsung Gear S4: Features

After going through a detailed write-up about the design and the display of the watch let us now dig into the features of the watch which is obviously the most important thing to look forward to.

  • Up till now, there has been no concrete news on what the features are going to be on the Samsung Gear S4. But, there is, of course, a lot of synopses that is going on about the features of the latest development from the house of Samsung. One of the biggest changes that you are likely to find in this watch is the battery. The Samsung Gear S4 is rumored to be equipped with a 470mAh one battery. The last edition of the watch Samsung Gear S3 had a 380mAh battery. You see the battery is the most important thing in today’s gadgets. If you have a long battery life in your gadget then it’s pretty much worth your time and money.


  • With 470mAh Samsung could be providing its customer with the longest-lasting battery life in smart watches. This can actually be called an achievement. The fact that Samsung Gear S3 lasted almost 2-3 days then, it is obvious that it is going to last longer than its previous version. The evidence for Samsung Gear S4 having a larger battery can be found in the fact that the watch will be manufactured using a Panel Level Packaging (PLP) process. It means that the chip of the watch will be smaller in size and thus, it will be taking less space so that there is more space left for the battery of the watch. Thus, you can expect a pretty good battery life from this latest Samsung gear.
  • Another feature that is likely to be found in the Samsung Gear S4 is the LTE. We have already heard that AT7T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are all very much interested in ranging the Samsung Gear S4 after it is launched. Other than this there are no further updates from any other mobile networks but since all of these three US providers are interested then, it is expected that Samsung will upgrade its watch in mobile internet tech.
  • The next interesting feature that the users can expect is a sleep-tracking system in their Samsung watches. According to S Health, they are going to make big improvements in their sleep-tracking technology which will be monitoring your health in general. This could be a big reason for all the users to get hold of a Samsung Gear S4. However, the updates are not exactly known yet. But it is rumored that they are most likely to incorporate a built-in blood pressure monitor in the watch. This basically means that you can keep a full track of your health while wearing a stylish gear in your hand.
  • According to a patent, the watch is going to have a camera with an optical zoom right in the middle of the face of the watch. In addition, the strap of the watch is going to have a screen on it, which will help you give easy access to all your app shortcuts. This will spare you from the pain of swiping through your apps in the small screen of the watch.
  • Another interesting thing that is likely to be incorporated in the Samsung Gear S4 is the voice assistant Bixby which will be replacing S voice. With this, you will be able to talk to your watch regarding a lot of features. But how you use this feature is totally up to you.
  • The watch is rumored to embrace the Google’s Wear OS for the first time. Unlike the other watches by Samsung, this is the first time that the company has decided to go with this software. Previously, the watches were powered by Tizen.

Other than this, there is no other feature that is clear up till now. But hopefully, we will be able to witness all of the features once the watch is being released. Till then, all we can do is wait for this amazing watch to be launched.

What Do We Want To See In Samsung Gear S4?

The new Samsung Gear S4 is going to be the most amazing watch from the house of Samsung. But it can be the ultimate watch if, some of the changes that are listed below could be incorporated in it.

  • Compact: The users will be really happy if, the watch is made a little more compact than all of its previous releases. The Samsung Gear S3 was a great watch but the only thing that it was too heavy to wear because of its size. The problem with big dialed watches is that it feels uncomfortable after a certain period of time. Therefore, we are expecting that Samsung would work on the size of the watch.
  • Accurate Exercise Tracking: The gear S# was full packed with all fitness tracking features along with GPS, automatic workout detection, and a heart rate monitor. The watch could obviously track your fitness accurately but, it would be more helpful if the tracking is made more accurate.
  • More Apps: Another thing that Samsung can do is make more apps available on the watch. That would be really great if, they provide that in Samsung Gear S4.
  • Battery Life on Display: To make thing more convenient for the users the company should enable the battery life on the display.

Thus, it can be concluded that Samsung Gear S4 is one of the most anticipated releases from Samsung. But there is nothing that we can do about it but to just keep patience.