Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

Best Terrarium TV Alternatives – Apps Like Terrarium TV: Ever since Terrarium TV made an entry into our lives, our daily chores have become a lot more fruitful than what it used to be. For, watching digital media on television is old school. Now, everything is about mobility. This is why we have bid adios to cable tv and adopted the digital way of life. It is quite fascinating if you ask, to be able to connect to the world even from the washroom without having to be present in the said place. Similarly, the way of viewing television content has changed drastically. Now, when we have the urge to watch something, be it an audio, video we simply take put our tablets and phones and search the desired items and view it online. Yes, that is how amazing viewing digital media content is. Streaming TV shows, movies, documentaries, audio files, etc has become easy and it could not get better. The best part? Well, it comes for free.

Now, among the many platforms that we opt to view the content, the Terrarium TV application has caught hold of everyone’s attention with its extremely smooth streaming of high definition digital media content. Also, one can download whatever they wish from the website or its app and to their devices, PC, Tablets or phones. The Terrarium TV application is great in many ways. Therefore, before we go ahead with the topic of discussion, let us give you the extra-ordinary features the Terrarium TV has in store for us.

Terrarium TV features

  • Terrarium TV supports all the latest versions of Android.
  • Terrarium TV has a huge collection of digital media content from all over the world.
  • It is a 100% free mobile application for Android devices.
  • It does not host any pirated content on their server.
  • It is an absolutely safe application for use.
  • Media content can be downloaded from the application for viewing it later.
  • Media content on this platform is available in 1080p Full HD for streaming.
  • Thousands of media content on this platform are available in 4K HD quality.

The features sure make us want to get the Terrarium TV application right now, however, it is currently discontinued. Which is why we have come to the rescue of the many Terrarium TV loyalists who are now looking for another platform to stream their favourite TV shows and movies. For those of you who are new to this, do not worry, you will get hold of it. it is quite simple, you get the software application and stream media content for free. There are no extra hidden charges you will have to worry about, the streaming of digital media on these applications are safe and sound.

Back to the main topic of discussion, well we all are saddened by the current discontinuation of the Terrarium TV application. However, as the saying goes, ‘When there is a will, there is a way’. For this said situation, there are plenty of ways to avail to. Meaning, there are quite a few amazing platforms similar to the Terrarium TV that could help you streaming media content. We cannot give you a 100% assurance that these Terrarium TV alternatives will be the same, it is still doable and really trustable.

Well then, let’s get on with ten of the best platforms that could come close to the Terrarium TV application for streaming.

20+ Best Terrarium TV Alternatives You Can Use – Apps Like Terrarium TV

Best Terrarium TV Alternatives
Best Terrarium TV Alternatives

Well then, let’s get on with ten of the best platforms that could come close to the Terrarium TV application for streaming.


Among the best Terrarium TV alternatives is the Showbox. Whenever we think of an alternative, the Show box strikes in our minds. This app was the trendsetter for many other applications who had come up after the introduction of it. the app has garnered immense popularity since its launch for its amazing features. One being, you can watch media on the app even when offline.


Tea TV

This application is another good Terrarium TV alternative that you can avail to for streaming digital media. At first, the Tea TV was not remote friendly however, the notion has now changed. Now, you can use the application on Firestick, Fire TV and on an Android TV box. It offers a wide range of television series and movies. It also supports subtitles, has a download option, external player support like MX Player, real Debrid and Trakt integration.

Tea TV
Tea TV

PlayBox HD

This application is ranked among the best Terrarium TV alternatives because it supports both iOS and Android. The best feature of this application is its Chromecast compatibility enabling a user to cast Playbox HD on TV. Another good feature is the Kids Mode where one kid is restricted from streaming certain links.

Popcorn Time

The application does have a catchy name, it is also great for streaming digital online media. Popcorn Time is compatible with the leading operating systems, Windows, iOS and Android. There is one peculiar aspect about this app, a user can download parts of the desired media content instead of the whole data, on it cache section and upon switching off the device, the data is erased. Well, a space saver. For, it allows smooth, uninterrupted streaming.

Popcorn Time

Movie Box HD

One of the subtle applications among the range of Terrarium TV alternatives is the Movie Box HD. This platform too is used for streaming good quality media in movies and TV Shows. This app is known mainly for its amazing, user-friendly interface which is better than the other Terrarium TV alternatives. Also, you can simply download and watch media later.


If you are talking about online media streaming applications then Kodi cannot be on the list. For, if there is anything as good as the Terrarium TV, it is its rival Kodi. This application is replete with many features and can support on devices like Linux, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, iOS, Android etc. The reason why this perfectly hyped platform did not top the list is that of its technical aspects of smartphones and app. A user will have to install add-ons in order to stream digital media on the app. However, with the installed add-ons, Kodi is the best of the Terrarium TV alternatives.


Cinema Box HD

The Cinema Box HD is another great application that can be used for streaming media as an alternative to the Terrarium TV. The best feature is, a user can stream LIVE TV on this platform. This app is also Chromecast and Apple TV ready and is a good app all in all. Also, it has the kid’s mode, which only a few applications have. This way, kids will be restricted from watching any adult media or violent media that could harm them. A user can download and keep the media for viewing it later in offline mode, making streaming media a lot more easier.

Cartoon HD

This platform is a child’s Disneyland when it comes to digital media streaming. Kids who love to watch animated shows and movies will be on a ride if they are introduced to this application. The Cartoon HD open source media player is the best place to stream cartoon in high definition quality and for free. The interface of this application is quite similar to that of the Terrarium TV app. Therefore, if you are new to the Cartoon HD app you will not have any problem to navigate through it for it is easy and already known.

Mega Box

The Mega Box is yet another one of the applications that are another of the Terrarium TV alternatives one can opt. this application too supports offline viewing where a user can download the media and store for later use or viewing. The user interface for this application is quite simple and is not as good as the Terrarium TV but it is surely simple without much ado. One can surely try this application for streaming media.

Bobby Movie Box

Well, the last on the list of the best Terrarium TV alternatives is the Bobby Movie Box application. It is a popular streaming application for a movie like a title already suggests. It is supported on the Android and iOS operating systems. There are multiple languages, one can choose from. The icing on the cake is, the Bobby Movie Box streaming app supports subtitles in 250 different languages for worldwide streaming. How great is that? Also, a user can stream TV Shows and movies in 720p HD and 1080p HD resolutions. Well, like it or not, this application sure has its place in the long-running media streaming applications list of the number of Terrarium TV alternatives.

Note: It is highly suggested to use a VPN connection when streaming media on these various applications. IP Vanish is a pioneer and an award-winning VPN that can be availed to among the others. for, VPN encrypts the internet connection of a user and allows better streaming.

Well, that is all for the alternatives to Terrarium TV on could choose from. The above-mentioned list of applications is among the best worldwide. You can use them to stream your favourite media on devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android devices, Tablets and many more.

Thankful to the developers who have made great efforts to bring an alternative to us. This way, we can stream digital online media on various platforms even if one is not working.