Top 5 Zombie games for Android Smartphone: There are endless games on Android which are indeed catering to the needs of one and all. So, if you are passionate about Zombie games for the upcoming New Year 2019 then read the following article to know the top 5 best zombie games for the android device.  And even you can play PUBG Mobile on PC.

Top 5 Zombie games for Android Smartphone

Zombie Ate My Friends

Doesn’t the name sound interesting to you? Yes, it is indeed. This game gives you the opportunity to be adjudged as the hero by doing your bit towards saving people. In short, your fight is against the atrocities committed by zombies. Therefore, you have to be brave enough in pushing yourself to the fullest and killing them. Therefore, if all goes well in the game and you play it sensibly and confidently, then you will surely be adjudged as the winner and others will be praising your efforts in the process as well.

Download Zombie Ate My Friends Game here

Zombie Dash

You would have often seen the depiction of “heroes” in the movies since one single person fights against all the odds and finally emerge as the winner. Now, with Zombie Dash, you are equally going to witness the same as well. Since, as a player, you have to save the city from the wrath of zombies who are out there to play havoc with the lives of people. Therefore, you must protect the people and the city by making the best use of weapons. Now, play it and emerge as the hero so that others understand your mettle. Great, isn’t it? What is worth noting about this zombie game for an android device is that you do not have to spend even a single penny to play the game? Great, isn’t it?

Download Zombie Dash Android Game here

Stupid Zombies

The wrath of zombies is spreading across the world, and as humans, it is our responsibility to prevent them from succeeding in their aim. Therefore, play this interesting zombie game for an android device to be sure that you have finished them from the face of the earth once and for all. Isn’t it?

Download Stupid Zombies Android Game here

Zombie Highway

The game is known for its excellent graphics, and it is synonymous with various great moments as well. You will be getting exciting moments on the Zombie Highway. Therefore, you cannot keep your eyes away from this zombie game for Android device.

Download Zombie Highway Android Game here

Dead Trigger

Who can deny the popularity of one of the top 5 Zombie games for Android devices namely Dead Trigger? It has created a revolution of sorts. Therefore, everyone look and play this game amidst great curiosity and interest. If you love action packed games which involves lots of shooting spree, then you should give a try to the game. NBA jam apk for android is another favorite game ever in this year.  I am sure that you will be pleased with the game, thanks to the reviews of people. The utility of this game can be gauged from the fact that it is soon releasing its second version shortly namely Dead Trigger 2.  The trailers for this version of the game is already out as well. The Dead Trigger 2 game has been launched and has been doing great since it hit the Google play store. You can find the download links for both the version of this game below.

Download Dead Trigger Android Game here
Download Dead Trigger 2 Android Game here

Finally, aforesaid are the Top 5 Zombie games for Android device, and you can’t keep your eyes away from them for sure.