UKTVNow Apk Download For PC, IPAD & iPhone: UKTVNow is right now one of the most popular video streaming application which provides all the live TV channels of different countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Spain, Pakistan, Italy, India, Germany, France, Canada and Arab. In the UKTVNow apk application. There are about 9 different categories which include Religion, Food, Documentary, Music, Kids, News, Movies, Sports and Entertainment from which users can choose from in UKTV Now.

UKTVNow App generally supports in all the different devices. The most recommended devices in which the UKTVNow App is recommended are as follows:

  • UKTV Now for Chrome cast
  • UKTV Now for Firestick
  • UKTV Now for Kodi
  • UKTV Now for Android

The thing is that not a lot of people like watching movies and TV on a small screen with help of the following platform’s users will now be able to enjoy UKTVNow apk in the big screen.

UKTVNow Apk Download For PC, IPAD & iPhone



If you are a hardcore online streamer, then the UKTVNow apk is a perfect streaming application for you. Right now everybody is into online streaming and therefore you might have come across other streaming applications. In spite of having so many online streaming applications in the market, none of the streaming application has a user experience like UKTV Now. This is the reason why UKTVNow App has become so much popular in the recent times. UKTVNow App is known for providing all the best quality video with a great user interface.

The reason why UKTV Now has become so much popular recently is that people generally have one television at their home. Everybody enjoys watching TV so when its dinner time and everybody suddenly wants to watch TV there is always a fight on what to watch. With help of UKTVNow apk everyone in the family will enjoy the content of their own without having to pay any kind of extra money. Everybody will be able to watch what is on TV on their phone which will help solve all the fights that occur because of sharing a TV. Users will also be able to enjoy UKTVNow App in their mobile phone and PC with a stable internet connection. To install UKTVNow apk in personal computer users need to simply download blue stacks. Blue stacks are an android platform inside windows which will help to run the apk file of UKTV Now and let users enjoy their favorite show whenever they want.

Download UkTVNow APK

 App Name  UkTVNow APK
 Version  8.16
 Category Video Streaming
 Minimum Requirements  Android 4.2+
 Features  Live TV Streaming
 App Size  26.7 MB
 Last Updated  April 15, 2018


UkTVNow Features
UkTVNow Features
  • The UKTVNow apk is very much user-friendly
  • The UKTVNow apk is one of the easiest streaming applications from 10 different states like United States of America, United Kingdom, Spain, Pakistan, Italy, India, Germany, France, Canada and Arab.
  • The UKTV Now apk comes with 9 different channel categories based on the genre of the video. The 9 categories are Religious, Food, Documentary, Music, Kids, News, Movies, Sports, and Entertainment.
  • Users who will be using UKTV Now will be able to watch all the different videos in HD version without needing any kind of registration.
  • Users will be able to see EPG related data in UKTV Now apk.
  • Users will have the option to manually choose the player in which they want to play the video.
  • Users will have an option of choosing from the different source links that will be available with each video.
  • Users will be able to differentiate all the TV channels based on which country it is streamed from.
  • There is a search box option in UKTV Now where all the users can manually type the show or movie or channel name and watch it.
  • Users will be able to schedule all their videos instantly without any kind of delay
  • There is an option of the favourite list which the users can make by adding all their favourite channels and shows. This will help users find their favourite show much faster.
  • Users will have the liberty of changing the player and display options in the settings tab with help of UKTV Now application

How to Download & Install

Now that you know that UKTVNow apk is one of the best streaming applications in the market right now it is time for you to download and install it and simply start enjoying it. Before installing the UKTVNow apk application is any android device users should always make sure that they enable the option of the unknown source from the settings options. It is very much important to switch the unknown settings to enabled because if the settings are kept off then the Android device will not let a third party application install itself. The settings will eventually not allow the third party application to install itself completely without prior permission. Generally, the default setting is disabled on all android devices.


No, that the unknown settings are turned on it is time for the users to download and install UKTV Now.

  • Users need to go to the web browser and look for the latest version of UKTVNow apk available on the internet in different third party websites. All the files of UKTV Now that will be in the third party website will be in apk format. Users need to simply download the file to their Android mobile phone or tablet.
  • Once the whole process of UKTVNow apk download is completed users need to simply go to the notification bar of their Android device and tap on it to download it in their android device.
  • Simply press on the install and let the mobile install all the data of UKTV Now. Users need to wait until the whole process is complete. Once the process is complete the users will be notified with a finish button.
  • Now users need to simply find the application that they installed in the menu of their Android device and simply launch it.

Now that everything is done users will be able to enjoy uninterrupted service of all the best quality videos on their Android devices.

Details about UKTV Now

  • There are a few users who will like to use all the streaming applications anonymously and for the VPN services are the best way out. VPN services like Opera VPN are available in Google Play store and will help users stay anonymous from all the streaming applications and not let the applications access the data of user’s Android device.
  • For the VPN to work users need to let the VPN access all the data of the Android by giving it all the permission for accessing data.
  • If there is an issue with the UKTV Now application then users need to simply uninstall the UKTV Now application, clear all the data and the cache and then install it again. This will solve all the problems related to UKTV Now application.
  • If users want to decrease the load time of UKTV Now, then they need to simply connect it to Google Open DNS. If users want to change their DNS, then they need to download another application from Google Play Store called DNS Changer.
  • Users need to keep a free memory space of about 300 MB and a clear RAM. This will help all the users to enjoy uninterrupted smooth running of the UKTV Now application.

How to Watch Videos on UKTVNow?

The first question users need to answer is that whether they have ever tried opening the UKTV Now application. If they have then they have definitely seen all the eight options that are available on the UKTV Now home page. There is also another option of all the channels that are available in the UKTV Now application. Users need to scroll down on their homepage to find out what all video is available in the UKTV Now application. Users need to choose a single category they like from the menu option of the UKTV Now application and so that the application is able to show all the related videos that are available in the app in that specific genre. Suppose if a user chooses the category of movies then he will be able to see all the movies that are available in the UKTV Now the application in countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Pakistan.

If you this application makes you confused, then you can simply go to the filter option and choose the United States of America in the county option. This will help UKTV Now to show you all the related movies that are from United States of America available in the UKTV Now application. Users will also have an option of choosing the genre of the movie. Users will be able to further filter the movie option and choose from romantic, action, science fiction, drama options. These filters help users to look for the type of movies they like without having to choose from a pile of movie list which would not have liked in the first place.

Once users are able to choose the movie they want to watch they need to simply tap on it and how to the play option. When users press the play option in UKTV Now there will be a list of links that will be visible in front of the users. The list of links is all source code of the video the user wants to play and now it is the users turn to choose from which link he or she wants to watch from. All the details of the link being HD or not will be written beside the source codes.

In the page of UKTV Now application where the movie is streamed users will also be able to see the Electronic Program Guide also known as the EPG. Users will also be able to see options like Favourites and Related options to the movie the user is watching right now this will help them to choose the movies users will like to watch after the one they are watching right now.

How to Watch Online Sport on UKTVNOW 

There are a lot of people who watch UKTV Now only for all the online sports option. There are a very few applications which stream all the sports matches online and UKTV Now is one of them. Users need to do the following steps to watch Sports live on UKTV Now.

How to Watch Online Sport on UKTVNOW
How to Watch Online Sport on UKTVNOW
  • The first thing that the users need to do is simply open the UKTV Now application
  • After the home page of UKTV Now application opens users need to go to the menu option and then simply select the schedule option.
  • Once users select the schedule option they will be redirected to a page where all the matches will be displayed in front of them. It includes all the live sports that are happening all around.
  • All the videos will have details like teams playing, time, league.
  • To understand if users are watching the match online users need to simply check that there is a Live option blinking on the corner of the match.
  • Users need to expand the option and simply check out which all channels the match is shown live at that point of time. Users can then select the channel of their choice from the list of channels streaming the match and play it.
  • With help of the UKTV Now Online Live Sports option users will be able to watch matches like WWE, Tennis, Rugby, NHL, NFL, NBA, Moto GP, Golf, Darts, Cricket, and Boxing.

Right now there are a lot of applications which are competing against the UKTV Now application. Applications like UKMovNow, Show Sports TV, RedBox TV, Swift Streamz, Live NetTv are also very popular but none of the applications have a library as big as UKTV Now and none of them are able to stream videos as well as live matches at the same point of time. Right now the latest version running of UKTVNow apk is 8.16. The UKTV Now falls on the video streaming category and will run on all kinds of Android devices which run on android 4.2 and above. The size of the UKTVNow apk is about 26.7 MB.